Easy Christmas Wreath: Santa Ho! Ho! Ho!

One of the things I learned from growing up with little money is how to make things look good on the cheap.  I hate spending money on wreaths so one year I made this Mod Square Wreath . Last year, I made this wreath and it turned out so cute but, unfortunately, I couldn’t pucker up the tissue paper so I decided to make another one.

Last years, was easy to make but the tissue paper took some time to glue.  This one below took me under 10 minutes to put together and I think it will survive storage.

Christmas decor craft

So, here’s my latest Christmas décor on a dime idea:

Easy Christmas Wreath: Santa Ho! Ho! Ho!


  • Red garland
  • Black felt or foam
  • silver ribbon
  • glue
  • cardboard box (cut a circle shape out of it)
  • alphabet letter stickers

1. I didn’t buy the already made wreath foam from the craft store instead I made my own using a cardboard box.  I just cut out a circle and then made the hole inside.

2. Take your red garland and wrap it around the circle as many times as necessary to create a poofy look.  You’ll need to tape the beginning and end of it so that it stays in place.

3. Then cut out a long rectangular shape for Santa’s belt and glue that on the back end of the wreath.

4. Now using your silver ribbon, make a buckle.

5. Spell out Ho! Ho! Ho! with your alphabet letters and stick to the black belt. Tie a piece a ribbon to the top and hang!

This cost me $2 because all I had to buy was the red garland but if you have a dollar store nearby you can pick some up for $1!



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