Mexico’s Handicrafts: What to Buy in Mexico

We just got back from Mexico and if I would’ve brought a bigger suitcase, we would of filled one up with just Mexican goodies.

mexico handicrafts

Unfortunately, you can’t bring back Mexican cream (sour cream), chorizo, cheese and tamales.  But you can bring back baked goods (which are amazingly delicious), churros, candy, liquor and so much more.

These are some of the things we brought back after visiting the markets in Puebla, Acolman (festival), Mexico City and Xochimilco.

Mexico’s Handicrafts: What to Buy in Mexico

Mexican Metal Art


repujado mexican art work

Have you ever seen the Mexican Metal Tooling Art technique?  The process of working a rounded tool on the back side of soft metal to create a beautiful piece of raised Mexican art is called Repujado.  It’s absolutely gorgeous! Every time I walk into a little shop with mirrors, crosses or jewelry, using this technique, I want to buy it all.


mexican ceramics 1

Puebla Talavera is a ceramic unique to Puebla, made using local clay and indigenous skills.  You can find similar type of ceramics throughout Mexico also known as Maiolica but the authentic kind comes from Puebla. Talavera is a tin-glazed ceramic that incorporates techniques that date back to the 16th Century, introduced by the Spanish.

There’s also all kinds of beautifully painted ceramics like pots, wall decor and other decorative items for the home.


Coronado Rompope – I normally wouldn’t have added this but when we went to visit one of my family members they gave me a tiny taste of it and I loved it. It’s believed that rompope was originally made in the convents of Puebla.  It’s an eggnog type of drink but yummier in my opinion.


Embroidered shawls, blankets, tablerunners… handicrafts.

Huipules (image above from Maureen Gosling)

Huipules is a traditional tunic type of dress or shirt that is worn by indigenous women. The embroidered shirt is very colorful and it’s filled with symbols and flowers worn by women all over Mexico but originated in Oaxaca.

mexican dress

I found this lovely modern version, it’s not really a huipule but it reminded me of one.


And these are absolutely gorgeous!

Silver and Turquoise

mexican silver

I’ve always heard that silver and turquoise is cheaper in Mexico. I don’t know how accurate that is but the dollar was high enough when we were there that is was indeed cheaper.

mexican candy

We also brought back mexican oregano, candy cinnamon, chipotle peppers, horchata flowers and tortillas. There was chia seeds everywhere for sell, if I would have realized how expensive they are here, I would have bought a bag or two off the street.

mexican bread

This is not a handicraft but I love Mexican bread!  I didn’t bring any back because I knew that with the new year around the corner I didn’t want to have this kind of temptation around the house.

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