Fruit Flower Pot Snack for Kids

fruit flower pot snack

Fruit Flower Pot Snack for Kids is the perfect spring or Earth day fun to enjoy with your kids.  No baking is required and it’s some what healthy. I made this snack to go with our Flowers & Seeds preschool unit go and check out all of the great ideas I shared. You can make this fun treat any day!

I didn’t want to use Oreo cookies in mine so the flowers are leaning back since the pudding can’t hold it up but no one minded and I felt better not using cookies in the recipe.

Fruit Flower Pot Snack for Kids


  • strawberries
  • pineapple slices
  • grapes
  • chocolate pudding

optional: gummy worms

1. Place your ready made chocolate pudding in a cup.

2. Take your pineapple slices and using a flower cookie cutter press into the slice.

3. Take your strawberries and slice an upside down V shape into both sides of the strawberry to create a tulip look.

dirt pudding cups

4. Then take your skewers and run it through the strawberry and top with a green grape.

5. Then do the same for the pineapple flowers. Run your skewer through it and use grapes to create a stem effect!

6. Place your flowers inside your cup and if you’d like add a gummy worm.

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