Kid Made Father’s Day Gift: Decorative Bowl


It’s time to celebrate our dads and the father of our children!  My boys love making things for us and though they aren’t always the most eye pleasing gift it always means a lot to us.

My husband has his own office so we were looking for a something that he could put on his desk that would remind him that he is deeply cherished.  I also wanted to find something that he could use not just sit there. So, we came up with this awesome decorative bowl that was so easy to make.

kid made father's day gift

Kid Made Father’s Day Gift: Decorative Bowl



  • paper mache glue
  • magazine cut into circles
  • bowl
  • plastic wrap

1.Cover your bowl in plastic wrap you may need to secure it from the inside with tape. You can use any size we wanted our medium in size and perfectly round.IMG_2596

 2. Then apply the paper mache glue to it.IMG_2598

3. Quickly apply the circles or paper to the plastic covered bowl.IMG_2600

4. Let it dry inside the bowl until it’s completely hardened.IMG_2602

4. Once it’s completely dry remove the bowl and slowly peel the plastic off.  Some piece may tear it’s okay just apply another piece. IMG_2603

5. Apply another set of circles on the inside if the bowl is not sturdy enough.  We used old National Geographic magazine pages so ours needed another set of circles on the inside.  Applying them on the inside is much easier since you just apply them straight onto the bowl.


Fill with candy!

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