Summer Notebook: Intentional but Flexible Summer

Our Summer Notebook will help your kids get into a routine but with lots of flexibility.

I really want to be intentional about the time I get with my kids in the summer. On the other hand, I also want them to have tons of free time where they can come up with their own magical summer and not me.

We don’t plan on scheduling any team sport events, music classes or what not into their summer.  So it’s pretty  much up to their imagination, creativity and resourcefulness to make their summer a fun one. We do have a few trips planned within and outside the city to shake things up a bit.

So this is my plan, work on these things Mon-Friday unless we are traveling.  In this notebook, I will have a list of things they must do before dinner.  I read somewhere if one is purposeful in the morning it helps your day. So I may just have them do a few of these things before they get their morning cartoons in to help kick off their morning in a positive way. I also plan on focusing on different character traits and values in a fun way, throughout the summer.

When we are away on our trips they don’t have to worry about bringing this along. Like I said, flexible, simple but intentional is the focus of our summer.

summer notebook pages

Things that I’ve included in their day are the following:

  • Read for 20 minutes a day and share what you discovered in your reading.
  • Practice math sheet
  • Answer journal question. (journal jar)
  • Devotional
  • Chores
  • Vocabulary word of the day (they choose)

The above things won’t take them more than 40 minutes (minus the chores) if they focus on completing their summer work.

Once they complete their daily work they can run off and create their own magical summer!

Here are the sheets I’m using for their notebook.

summer schedule printable

Summer Notebook: Intentional but Flexible Summer

Summer Schedule printable click here: Summer Notebook Sheets Packet this comes with 4 sheets:

  • My Summer Notebook Name Front cover
  • Summer schedule checklist
  • Summer Bucket List
  • Reading log
  • Journal prompts!

Worksheets for Summer Work

Here’s what I included in each tab– (all of the links below are for free printables)

summer reading log printable

Reading: KWL sheet found here and the reading log from Summer Packet above

Spelling: Word of the Day– Word Worksheet

Word list to choose from Fry’s List of Words

Writing: Journal prompts from the Summer Packet above

Math:  I’ll use various worksheets and a summer math workbook

I’ll share later this week our Summer Bucket List printable!  Make sure you’re following us to get all of our fun activities, recipes, parenting tips and FREE printables!

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  1. Hi I just discovered this diary so could you please send me the summer bucket list or the printables please