You Know You’re a Latina Mom If…

hitting a piñata

No matter what culture or race you relate to most, but as moms there are so many things that we do and feel, which transcend color and language. For the most part we all hurt when we see our kids hurt. We are beyond ourselves when our babies take their first step. We are filled with pride when our not so babies walk across the stage to receive their diploma.  Our worlds may look different but we all bleed the same color tears and echo the same sound of joy.

But–there are certain things that we do as moms, that set us apart, due to our culture and language.  Some things are hilarious, some may have gotten your family labeled as the locos of the neighborhood, but most of all I’ve learned to embrace them all because at the end of the day, how I was raised is a big part of who I am today.

 me and mom

I am extremely proud to have been raised by a Latina mom, and so very thankful for mi mami. I’m especially thankful at dinner time when I make one of her amazing Mexican recipes. I’m constantly reminding my family, “You have your lita to thank for this delicious meal. She is an amazing cook, and I’ve learned how to make this from her.”

Here are sure signs you are a Latina mom or were raised by a Latina mom.

You Know You’re a Latina Mom If…

1. After the Piñata is broken you instinctively throw yourself on the floor (with other moms) and start gathering candy for your child.

2. You always manage to look nice when you walk out the door. Yes, even to your child’s soccer scrimmage match.

3.  Your child is probably the only kid in his classroom with a full course meal for his lunch. Lunch is the biggest meal of our day.

4. Sana, sana colita de rana is your secret power in making everything better. Seriously, this works 8 out of 10 times to calm my son down after he’s gotten an ouchy.  It’s magical!

5. Your child leaves the house wearing a scarf, jacket, and sweater on a “cold day” of 70 degrees because you wouldn’t want him to get un escalofrio.

6. You call every kid mijo or mija.

7. Your parents serenade you on your birthday with, “Heppee Beerday to ju” and end with Las Mañanitas. To this day, this tradition that I grew up with still puts a smile on my face.

8. You use La Lorrana to threaten your kid to go to bed. Even as an adult this word still gives you the heebie-jeebies: “La Llorona.” The infamous llorona stories are enough to give you nightmares for years.

9. You don’t think it’s odd to hold hands with your tween in public.

10. You find yourself telling your child to bring you a piece of cake from the birthday party, just like your mom used to ask you.

11. When angry you find yourself naturally calling your child by all of their names–Mateo Alonso Hernandez de Ochoa.

12. When your young adult child decides he’s moving out, you take it personal–Pero porque? What have we done to you? Don’t you feel loved? Don’t you love my cooking?  What are all of our friends and family going to think about this?

13. You know you’re a Latina mom if your baby’s feet have never felt a cold breeze. Our babies never leave the house without socks. And I mean NEVER.  One of my babies was born in South America and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I had complete strangers of ALL ages stop me and either reprimand me or inform me that my child didn’t have socks on.

14. You always manage to weave some kind of wise saying into your child’s day like: Con esperanza no se come.

What are some of the distinct things of being a Latino mom from your part of the world?

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