Giant Bubbles Recipe

giant bubble recipe

Simple summer fun at your finest–Bubbles!

simple summer fun

If you’re ever feeling like you’ve lost the magic in your life and your childlike wonder–just make bubbles.  Seriously, bubbles are magical.  Next time you’re going from one mundane activity to the next and need a little magic pull out the bubbles and sit in awe.

giant bubbles

Okay, so I’m tweaking my recipe I shared over here but the cute diy magic wand I shared, is a must see, so hop over and check it out. 

Bubbles are a great inexpensive activity to use at camp, vbs or a party.  You can even make a bubbles station at your party. You’ll be amazed how many kids (and adults) will hang out there.

giant bubbles

The bubble in the picture above was HUGE, it went from the floor where our bubbles solution tray and it went all the way up to his lips.

Giant Bubbles Recipe

  • 6 cups water
  • 1/2 cup dish washing detergent
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp Glycerine

1. Mix the cornstarch in the water and mix it well.

2. Then add the other ingredients to your bowl.

3. Mix it well but don’t shake it up too much where it creates a lot of froth.

4. Be patient the first bubbles you make may not form or pop.  Just keep at it and before you know it, you’re making GIANT bubbles.

giant bubbles

Note: You can make this simple disposable wand as shown above by using straws and string.  I cut a straw in half and then I ran string through both of them and tied it at one end.  Ta-da, it was perfect.  Also, this made a good amount maybe 4 cups worth.  Ours lasted for about 2 weeks (sitting out) and then it started smelling bad. It still worked it just had a funky smell to it.


If your littles are anything like mine, they need to keep at it before they find their groove.  My preschooler some how managed to add spit to his blowing, so it would pop immediately.  I had to coach him some before he got the hang of it.

We took this simple and fun activity with us to our 4th of July camping trip and it entertained the kids for quite a while. It had me giggling like a little girl as I hung out with my little man and blew bubbles into the thin crisp mountain air on the 4th of July.


Like I said, simply magical!

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