Apple TP Tube Craft

apple craft

We are starting up our school year with some apples and the letter A.  We won’t stick to learning the alphabet in order but I did want to start with A because I love all things apples in the fall.

We started with practicing all of the alphabet and then I brought out our Aa card and focused on that.  Then we read the book Under the Apple Tree by Steve Metzger, we bought it through Scholastics and they always have fun books on cd so after we read it together my son wanted to hear the cd. My little thoroughly enjoyed this craft and then we turned it into a number, letter and name recognition game.  I love that these trees are versatile and serve as a craft and a number and letter recognition practice for him.

I’m a big fan of toilet paper tube crafts! We have tons if activities that we enjoy but not enough time to share all of it with you all. Thankfully, I was able to get some pictures of this and post it!

apple number game

Apple TP Tube Craft


  • construction paper
  • paint
  • toilet paper tubes

1. Using green construction paper cut out your trees.  My preschooler cut out his own trees but I cut the slits on the tp tube.

2. Then have your child dip one finger in the paint and make the corresponding amount of apples on each tree.

3. Take your toilet paper tube and cut a slit on the side wide enough for your paper to easily slip in and out.  Don’t make the slit too wide otherwise it won’t stay.

4. This can easily become a fun center for your kiddos.

finger paint tip–I always have some wipes on hand ready to wipe off the paint when they are done with finger painting.  If not, the paint will quickly cover their body and my house.

We ended our time practicing some pre-handwriting skills/fine motor skills by letting him cut the paper into pieces and then gluing it.

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Here’s a peak at what we’ll be sharing next week–early childhood science.  I love science up to a certain level and then it’s too complicated and slightly boring for me.

preschool science

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