10 Days of Gratitude Photo Challenge

 gratitude photo challenge

This year I want to change things up a bit for our 21 Days of Gratitude. For starters we are only doing 1o Days!  Secondly, I’m adding a photo challenge aspect to it for those of us who want to practice your photography and take in the world around you through your lens. We’ve been doing this as a family for years now and I must say it’s exactly what we need before we rush into the Christmas holidays.

It’s so easy to complain, grumble or to not be content with our situation, our body, our home, our kids, our food, our job, our spouse, our parents, our school, our friends and life as we know it. In effort, to be less of that and be filled with joy, I want to challenge myself, my family and you to be more aware of the blessings we are surrounded with each day like friendship, a gift, beauty, simplicity, words, laughter, alone time, excitement/adventure, health…

My hope is that you will find beauty and blessings in the mundane, in the beautiful, in the ugly as you–change diapers, wash dishes, sit in holiday traffic, stir the pot of soup, look into your spouses eyes, hold your child in your arms…  We are constantly surrounded by small miracles let’s open our eyes and embrace them. May the Lord open the eyes of my heart so I can see them!

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So, this year I wasn’t able to pull off a grand blogger collaboration as I have in the past. But I just couldn’t keep from doing it, so I was able to get some blogging friends to join me at the last minute!  I’m teaming up these lovely ladies and their awesome blogs:
Lindsey from Living Life & Loving It
Rea from Doing What I Love!
Jenny from Night Howells.
Make sure to stop by their blogs and to be encouraged by their ponderings.

10 Days of Gratitude Challenge

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to join in!

Starting Nov 10th-19th but if you can’t on that day then start your 10 days when ever you’re able.

1. Let others know.  Gratitude is contagious so let others know about our 10 Days of Gratitude Challenge for the Whole Family and use the hashtag #10DaysofGratitude. Our hope is that lot′s of families join in, so help us get the word out. In the midst of our busyness it’s easy to forget to pause and be thankful.  Sometimes we are in the midst of difficult circumstances and we struggle with being thankful and that’s when we need thanksgiving to intervene.

2. Stop and reflect! Engage in a moment of thankfulness each day this month, with your family. It can be big or small moments of gratitude.

gratitude quote 2

3. Share your moment. Snap a picture and/or a share a sentence with an explanation. You can share it on your blog with a photo, and/or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.  If you’re doing this as a family let your kids snap a photo of something they are thankful for.  Make it simple or get as creative as you like.

4 Different Prompt Printables to Choose from: Feel free to come up with your own reflections of gratitude or if you need some prompts here are 4 to choose from. Pick one and then reflect on it and share it either with a photo or writing a sentence or two about it.

  • Prompt 1
  • Prompt 2 &3 (there are 2 on this page one for kids with a bit more of an explanation & one for adults)
  • Prompt 4 is below:

10 days of gratitude

Don’t worry if you are getting a late start or if you skipped a day. Seriously, just jump in and follow along.

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