Thanksgiving Coloring Page and Mayflower Ship Craft


My son had so much fun coloring this sheet and then making his Mayflower Ship craft. We’ve been reviewing the letters M, P, T and S over this past month so this was our P is for Pilgrims, M is for Mayflower and S is for ship craft.

I first read the book Best Thanksgiving Book ABC Adventures by Pat Whitehead and he loved the connection we made with the craft and the story he had just learned in the book. I was also surprised he remembered Squanto. He asked me later that evening about Squanto.


Thanksgiving Coloring Page and Mayflower Ship Craft

You can get the free printable color sheet here: P is for Pilgrims.


Mayflower Ship craft

  • 2 paper plates
  • paint
  • straws
  • stapler
  • glue
  • black construction paper
  • Pilgrim coloring sheet (link above)

Cut one of the paper plates in half and save the other half. Take the one half and paint it brown that’s the ship.

Take your whole paper plate and paint the top half blue.

Staple the brown painted half to the whole paper plate just around the edges leaving a pocket to place your pilgrims inside.

Then color the pilgrim coloring sheet and then cut it out. Place the pilgrims inside the pocket. I was hoping to make them puppets but my son really wanted to glue them on so we did.  But if your child let’s you turn them into puppets you can have them reenact the story later.

Then take your straw and the other half of the paper plates you saved and cut it out into a sail. Staple the sail onto the straw and then staple it to the boat.

Finish it off by adding the black circles to the ship.

We made this craft for Kinder school but you can also have the kids do this activity for your Thanksgiving gathering.


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