Toilet Paper Tube Pilgrims Craft

tp tube pilgrims

We made these toilet paper tube pilgrims craft, last year in homeschool with all three of my boys.  Don’t you just love the Mayflower Ship and the Little People turned pilgrims!

Toilet Paper Tube Pilgrims Craft


  • googly eyes
  • construction paper: black, white and yellow
  • glue

Cut out the clothes, hats from the contraction paper and glue onto your tp tubes.

Keep in mind that the clothes covers over half their body.

Draw face and add googly eyes. You’re all set!

mayflower ship

This is our STEM activity where the kids had to come up with a boat that would successfully float using different material. They used egg crate and called it the Mayflower.

pilgrims and native americans

I love the little native american guy–so cute!  They made the native americans in the same way and they used a paper bag to make the teepee.

native american tp tube craft

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  1. Cute cute!! I need to find my crafty mommyness! I tend to teach to the “upper classman” and leave out enrichment with the under classman ! I put in so much effort when the first 3 were little… But need to find it again for the little ones too.