Gratitude Prompts Family Activity

Inside: The prompts stop us in our tracks and remind us to be thankful in the midst of the chaos. This Gratitude Prompts Family Activity will make it easy to remember to be thankful!

gratitude prompts activity

Honestly, some evenings, I’m not thinking about how to instill gratitude in my children, much less feeling thankful myself. By dinner time I’m in task mode.

Get them food, get homework done and get them in bed are my goals.

My task oriented self forgets about what my soul longs to do–instill gratitude in my children and myself. So, we’ve been using these prompts to help us stop and remind us to be thankful!

stop and be thankful

The prompts sit on our table reminding me to stop and be thankful! In the past we’ve also made a No-Sew Gratitude Advent Calendar that hung on our wall the month of November.

Thanksgiving table activity

I know other families long for the same thing because my other gratitude prompts article has been a popular post on my blog pretty much every year. So this year I wanted to add something else to it for those families who want to incorporate scripture into their daily life.

I like trying out the things I share on my blog first so I had the opportunity to do it first with our family and I must say I LOVE the scripture addition.

I made some last year with out scripture verses on it you can get them here. Prior to that I was using other prompts with our Thanksgiving Countdown advent which I made from burlap. I absolutely love it! Last year, I decided to move the prompts over into a jar and take turns picking a prompt at the dinner table. We then each answer the one prompt. As you can see I really like the prompt idea.

The prompts stop me in my tracks and remind me to be thankful in the midst of the chaos.

Gratitude Prompts Family Activity

You can download and print your free copy here: Gratitude prompts with scripture revised please don’t share the printable link. Anyone is welcome to these gratitude prompts for personal use or classroom use but please direct them to my blog so they can download them from here. 

I love how versatile these prompts are. You an use these on a gratitude hike out in nature or while you walk in your neighborhood after you Thanksgiving meal and just pull one out as you go. You can use them daily at your dinner meal or lunch. You can use them on your way to school or after school when you’re in the car. Or at bedtime before you tuck them to sleep.  Enjoy!

Want more?

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