Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament Kid Craft

bottle cap ornaments

We made these a few years back and I love them so much and they’ve lasted for over 3 years so I wanted to share it with you because they were easy and cute.


The cute little rudolph the red nose reindeer is my 11 year old son who was 4 in that picture. The adorable santa is my 5 year old son who was 2 in that picture.


I used the bottle cap from a glass juice bottle so it was bigger than the bottle cap from a plastic water bottle.  I made them with one of my boys and they loved it.  I just had a friend over who mentioned how as a kid she loved pulling out every year her ornament with her kindergarten picture on it.

gingerbread ornament

It’s always fun to pull out ornaments and remember who gave you what and when they were made.  Our tree is a smorgasbord of homemade ornaments and ornaments we’ve purchased throughout the year. My latest addition that I absolutely love is our gingerbread man garland (pictured above) that I made from cinnamon dough.

Because I was a teacher for some years I always think about if the craft is a good one for kids. This was easy to make and it’s a lovely keepsake for children. It also makes a fun Christmas party craft.

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament Kid Craft


  • bottle caps
  • pictures you don’t mind cutting out.
  • felt
  • foam sheets
  • cotton
  • glue
  • string and/or magnet

1. You’ll need to trace your bottle cap around the face of your picture. Cut it out and then cut some more if needed to get it to go inside the bottle cap but don’t place the picture in just  yet.

2. Paint your bottle cap brown for the reindeer. You can leave your bottle cap silver for santa if you’d like or paint it white. Let it dry.

3. Now start cutting out your antlers for the deer from foam sheets or firm felt if you have some.  Put glue inside your bottle cap an place your picture inside. Then add your antlers! I added a red nose to my sons picture but he took it off.

4. For Santa, cut out the santa hat from red firm felt or foam sheets and then glue on your cotton.  Place picture in first and then glue on your santa hat. Position it so that it’s just above the eyes of your picture.

5. You can add a magnet on the back and or string with glue. I put both on mine. Let it dry and they’re ready to be hung!

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