Craft Sticks Gnome Santa Ornament

diy gnome ornament

Are you back for our 7 Days of Homemade Christmas Ornaments! We are on our 3rd day now and I think they’ve all turned out absolutely adorable and not to mention so easy for the kids to make.

These can all be made in 10 minutes or less! Here’s the schedule, you’ll want to check them all out because they really did turn out adorable!

Day 1 – Craft Stick Carolers Ornament

Day 2 – Bottle Cap Santa & Rudolph Ornament

Day 3- Gnome Santa Ornament also made from Craft sticks

Day 4 – Cupcake Ornament from an recycled ornament

Day 5 – Mary, Joseph and Baby ornament

Day 6 – Peppermint Candy Ornament

Day 7 – Photo Sleigh ornament

This is also kid friendly and probably suited for kids who are older but your younger kids can definitely enjoy making this they will just need your help with the beard, heart and glue.


Craft Sticks Gnome Santa Ornament


  • craft sticks
  • felt various colors
  • cotton
  • glue
  • needle and thread

1. You’ll need to glue the head to the craft stick. I used wooden circle chips but if you don’t have those you can just use foam sheets, they work just fine.


2. Then you’ll need to make the face but don’t glue the beard just yet. The face is quite simple just make two dots with a permanent marker and color in rosy cheeks with a crayon. Use your wooden circles or foam to make the round nose.


3. Hat. Then cut out your felt into a long rectangular shape and fold it over just above the eyes. Once you’ve have it positioned where you want it glue it on. I just cut off the extra felt once I made a cone shape from the felt and glued it on. After gluing on the  hat there was a small gap so at the end I just glued on a piece of red felt over the back as shown below.

4. Now make his tunic.  I chose brown instead of red because it just seemed fitting but I’ve seen gray and of course red tunics on the santa gnomes.  Cover the craft stick with the felt leaving it flowing some and glue on. See picture below on what it looks like on the back.


5. Now you’ll add on the beard. Take your cotton and shape it into a beard. Place glue on the face an on the tunic so it will stay on over the years. Tuck some of the beard just under it’s hat.

6. Add a small cotton ball to the point of the hat.

7. Optional- heart. I added a felt heart sewn with embroidery thread. If you don’t want to bother with sewing you can glue it on without the thread but I really liked the threaded heart look.


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