Christmas Party Favors: Rudolph Play Dough

christmas party favors

I made this for my son’s 3rd grade class but I think this maybe to “babyish” so hopefully you can put it to good use. I think this turned out adorable and it will be super easy to put together!

This is perfect for all my teacher friends or moms who have a holiday gathering and are looking for party favors. Oh and I also thought they would be great stocking stuffers! Since we home school every activity turns into an educational activity so here you have R is for red and reindeer!

We make our play dough because it’s just so easy to throw together but of course you can just buy red play dough.


Christmas Party Favors: Rudolph Play Dough


or make your own play dough

1. Divide the dough into small baggies. I personally like the look for small batches of dough for rudolph’s nose.

2. Cut out a hole where the nose is and run the play dough baggie through it.

3. Tape the other end tight so the dough doesn’t dry out.

You can also use the printables as Christmas cards and I love that they are two options in Spanish or English.

~Reindeer clipart is from the awesome My Cute Graphics!


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