Christmas Wish List Printable

Christmas Wish List

I’m not against gift giving but I’m definitely not into an overindulgent Christmas.  I really want our kids to have it clear that Christmas is not just about them, so as I shared here we do things in our community to give and serve. I also want them to realize that Christmas gifts are a exactly that a “gift” not a “right”. Not something they are entitled to but a simple way that we express our sentiments for one another. I especially don’t want an overindulgent Christmas, after decluttering last month and going through things to give and things for our yard sale–we have so much STUFF.

So, this is what I had my kids fill out this year. The extra lines are for the purpose of giving us ideas not because they are going to receive 9 things from us this Christmas.  Each category has three lines so that when we are shopping for them we have a better idea of what to get them.  It was really fun to listen in to their conversation as they filled out their list.  Especially, when they got to their “I need” category. I left out the “something to wear” category because I have only boys who are still little and a “something to wear” category would be their “something I need” category which is exactly what they did this time around. I do buy them clothing items they need even if it’s not on their list.

We were also able to use this for our extended family Christmas exchange where we buy something for a family member.

Christmas Wish List Printable

You can download this free printable by clicking on here:Christmas Wish List or this one with more than one line: Christmas Wish List Revised

The only guidelines we shared with our kids prior to them filling it out was to explain and clarify that they were not getting everything on their list. We shared with them that we would pick something from each category and give them one of those items. I think this is important to share so that they are not confused and disappointed on Christmas day hoping they get all 9 presents on their wish list. You can also ask them to fill it out in the order of importance for them so if they have a preference you have that in mind when shopping and looking at your budget.

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