Alphabet Match Game

abc match game

This is another fun game that we use in kinder school so my little man practices his letter recognition. You can never review the alphabet and numbers enough in preschool and kinder.

Here again he uses his water spray bottle to get the letters to stick to the chalkboard but you can lay it out on the floor if you wish, that way nothing has to stick.

Alphabet Match Game: Lowercase and Uppercase Letters


  • Chalk board or poster board
  • alphabet letters
  • optional: water spray bottle

1. Write all the letters on the chalkboard in lowercase.

2. Then have your child take an uppercase letter from the bag and find the matching lowercase on the board.

3. If you’re chalkboard is standing up you’ll need to find a way to make the letters stick. We used a water spray bottle to have it stick to the board.

4. Spray the uppercase letter and then stick it on the board over the correct lowercase letter.

To see how it’s done see video below.

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