3 Encouraging Things Our Kids Need To Hear

  encouraging words for our kids

Our kids may already know we love them but I assure you that they also need to hear it. We all need to hear that we are loved.  Even our teens who act like they could careless what you think, the truth is they do care.

Our kids need to know that even though we don’t approve of everything they do, say or wear, regardless, we love them.

A child who feels loved and valued can handle the challenges and pressures of life!

diy wall art
The 3 things I have started saying to my kids with regularity to encourage them are found in Isaiah 43:1, 4-5. The message they hear very clearly is–YOU ARE VALUABLE!

You are seen.
You are known.
You are loved!

When my children are grown and missing home or going through hard times, I want them to hear the gentle and loving voice of their mom whispering–You are seen. You are known. You are loved. With every pause of each statement I want them to feel the soft peck on their cheek and forehead. But most importantly I want them to know that the Author of these Words is their heavenly Father who won’t leave them or forsake them. Their sweet Father who says, “I have called you by name, you are mine.”

Even if you’re not a faith-based family and this verse doesn’t mean anything to you, I still encourage you to share these words with your kids. You are seen. You are known. You are loved! If you are a faith-based family I encourage you to open your bible with your child and read it to them and explain how much they are loved by our heavenly Father.

The DIY Encouraging Wall Art above is one of my favorite pictures of my son! It’s his 4th Super Hero birthday party. Back then he was shy little guy so when the guest started to arrive he squeezed my pinky so tight I thought he wouldn’t ever let go.

Now here’s a free gift for you, your very own wall art. Just print this out and give it to your child. Or print one out for yourself to reminded of truth!  Just click on this link here.

Also, I made the diy wall art with my son’s picture using picmonkey.com website which I use regularly to edit my pictures. It’s free and it’s simple. This is a quick explanation of how I did it. If more people want to know how I can create a separate post for it. You just need to click on Design on the top bar and choose your size and have fun adding squares, circles and your writing! If you want to add a picture of your child like I did then you need to click on the butterfly icon which is for “overlays” on the side panel and then click on the Your Own button and then add your picture.

Isaiah 43 1 wall art printable

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