DIY Laundry Room Art

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laundry room art printable

Okay here’s my mom confession for the week–I don’t really like doing laundry. Well, I don’t mind sticking the dirty laundry in the washer… that makes me feel accomplished! But it’s the sorting, folding and putting things away, that gets to me.

In our house with three kids it’s hard to keep up with all the laundry that gets thrown in the laundry basket each day. Seriously, they have this unspoken 5 second laundry rule–if it touches you for 5 seconds it’s declared dirty.  Well, whether your laundry is barely soiled or full of grass and dirt stains it’s nice to have OxiClean™ HD™ to do the job. I have one child in particular who used to assure me that the stain-filled shirt he was wearing had just come out of the clean clothes basket. OxiClean™ HD™ makes doing the laundry easier because you know you will get it clean on the first try!

Seriously, from one mom to another let me give you a simple tip to stay on top of your laundry needs. No, it’s not about coming up with a laundry schedule, or pinning your socks together or getting different laundry baskets for your whites and colors.  Though I have used some of these tips and they are quite helpful, what matters most is –finding a stain fighting detergent to get the job done. It’s the only way you won’t spend tons of time and money on washing laundry over and over again because the job didn’t get done the first time.

Since we are on the topic of laundry I wanted to share with you my cute laundry wall art.  You’ll be happy to know it’s super easy to whip up and practical. I love practical crafts! This one will help keep those lost socks in plain sight so when the other one shows up, you can pair them.


laundry room hanger

DIY Laundry Room Art


  • frame
  • clothes pins
  • craft glue
  • Laundry art printable (just click here to print the blue or the orange here.

Take your clothes pins and paint them or decorate them with washi tape as you wish.

Then glue the clothes pins on to your frame.

laundry print

Print off your Laundry art printable (link above in supplies section) and place inside your frame.

That’s it!

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