Family Night: Simple Karaoke Fun

family karaoke night

For as long as I can remember my thumb has never let me down as a substitute for a cheap microphone.  I pull it out every chance I can get, in the car, at home, impromptu in the grocery store…

karoake singing

I know I make it sound like I have a beautiful voice that the world needs to hear, but it is not I simply love having fun with music.

Our simple karaoke fun happened as a result of rained out plans. We had planned a wonderful summer night out with an outdoor concert, blankets, snacks and hot chocolate. It rained just as we were heading out and there went our plans.  So we decided to turn our living room into a stage and host our own summer night concert–karaoke style.

First let me tell you we don’t own a karaoke machine but many times have I been tempted to put it on my Christmas wish list. We just used Youtube videos that had lyrics and some are even designed for Karaoke with the little bouncy ball directing you. Also, because this was an impromptu activity the quality of my pictures are awful but the memories were fabulous! As for a microphone, we’ve used our thumb, inflatable or toy microphone, and of course the broom never lets you down.

karoake mateo

Our evening fun started with a western picked by my very southern husband. So we got our cowboy fun on and pulled out  an old but goody song–Achy Breaky heart. You can see in the picture above the cowboy cuteness (from a few years ago)! Make sure to add some silly props to your karaoke night like big glasses, hats, wigs…

karoake family

It was a hilariously fun evening just being goofy and silly together as a family. Our boys went old school in the picture above and started break dancing on the floor.

karoake mari

I’m not sure what song I was jamming out on but apparently I was quite passionate about it. My boys still talk about this night years later.

karoake ben

Here is my partner in crime who I get to be silly with for the rest of my life. I love that he doesn’t just sit around and watch us be silly but he joins in!

I highly recommend this fun family night activity even if no one in your family can carry a note and invites your neighbors and friends.  We had so much fun with this activity that I’m seriously thinking about hosting a Family Talent Show Night with friends.

Family Night: Simple Karaoke Fun

Okay so just in case you missed it this is what you need for simple karaoke:

  • laptop or device with internet access and speakers on it that are loud enough
  • Youtube music videos for Karaoke – some of them even have the bouncy ball over the lyrics
  • microphone -toy, broom or finger
  • optional: props like silly hats, glasses, wigs..

What are ways you have family fun?

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