The Family Table an Extension of Our Heart

The Family Table an Extension of Our Heart~It’s where I become a student of my children and husband and look into their eyes to really know how their day has been.  It’s where we lavish them with encouragement after a hards day of battling the pressures of the outside world.

Sadly, the meaning of meal sharing is largely lost in the Christian community today. In the Near East, to share a meal with someone is a guarantee of peace, trust, fraternity, and forgiveness.–the shared table symbolizes a shared life. ~Brennan Manning

family table

As you know, I’m knee deep in practicing thankfulness. We try to do it year round but this is our time to hone in on it and embrace the daily little miracles.

Well todays prompt (you can download your free one here) is, “I love this about our home…”.  There are so many things I love about our home.  I love our fireplace especially since we have no central heating or any other form of heating our home during winter. I love sitting out on our patio and enjoying the brief moments of sunshine that sneak in through the huge building that blocks the sun. I love that our boys have a room for their toys and my craft supplies. I love that my kitchen is huge and my husband has helped me make it my own, in light of the awful tile wall and brown cabinets. He built me an island and a ceiling pot rack!

Thanksgiving table activity

But what I especially love about our home is our dinner table!

I don’t mean so much the physical family table though I like farm style, firm, heavy wood with benches on each side. But it’s more about what our family table represents.  Many prayers have been lifted up from there. Many tears have been shed over homework frustrations and life.

homeschool day

Each groove and dent on our table is filled with fond memories of kids painting and crafting. Deep and silly conversations have been enjoyed. “Framily” from all over the world have warmed those cold wooden benches.

pumpkin waffles breakfast

It’s not about fancy food or ornate decorations though I do enjoy them both. Many a good meal has been shared but also ramen noodles have been served.
Our table is a shelter from a hard day at work or school.
It’s where my boys know they can come as they are and feel accepted and heard.

Thanksgiving center piece

I love our family table!

I love our dinner family time so much that I guard it like a mama bear.  It’s the time I get to listen to my children’s thoughts and we discuss life. It’s the time where I can focus in on teaching them our values like gratitude, respect, good manners and critical thinking. It’s our family devotion table and family game night time. It’s our catch up with family from abroad time (the only time technology is allowed at the dinner table). It’s our just sit still next to each other and just be time.

family breakfast

It’s where I become a student of my children and husband and look into their eyes to really know how their day has been.  It’s where we lavish them with encouragement after a hards day of battling the pressures of the outside world. It’s where we challenge them to remember who they are and who they belong to.  It’s where we meet in the morning to find not just physical nourishment but words of affirmation and prayers to make it through the day.

thanksgiving with friends

It’s a place where strangers and familiar faces are welcomed.

Our table is an extension of my heart and it symbolizes a shared life. It’s a broadening of my arms where I say–I love you with warm food and laughter. And if you’re lucky I might even have fun napkins.

Though I guard our family dinner time, we still host people from all walks of life, but I try to plan it, so it’s not a stress but an enjoyment. We still have last minute invites when I make too much food or just in the mood. My kids absolutely love having guest for dinner and helping out with setting the table and thinking up questions to ask our guest.

An Orthodox Jew’s saying, “I would like to have dinner with you” is a metaphor that implies, “I would like to enter into a friendship with you.” …to extend a dinner invitation is to say, “Come to my mikdash me-at, the miniature sanctuary of my dining room table, where we will celebrate the most sacred and beautiful experience that life affords–friendship.” ~Brannan Manning

Want more?

This article is Day 3 of 21 Days: (Re)Discovering the Heart of Your Home series! As we consider our house let’s think beyond making beds, cleaning dishes and doing laundry. As we think about homemaking let’s look beyond whether we work outside the home, work in the home, are single, empty nesters or don’t have children…  Let’s put all of that aside and let’s view it through the lens of relationships and let that guide us. What is the purpose of the space between these four walls? What do I want to overflow from our home and from my heart to my children, my spouse, my guests, my neighbors…?  Cultivating a home is so much more than keeping a clean house, making food from scratch, having an organized and tidy home it’s about cultivating beauty, laughter, peace and love in my family and in my relationships. Follow along HERE to get updates on the latest homemaking, parenting and recipe blog post!

Your turn!

What is it that you love about your home?

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  1. November 16, 2015 at 6:13 am #

    This is so good. We use our dining table a lot too. It is the one room that is not a bedroom that gets so much natural light! It is where I do my quiet time, where we share meals as a family and with friends, it is also where Phil and I have a lot of our discussions about what is on our hearts. It is special to have a physical thing that we can look at and remember all these precious moments that happen around that physical object, even something so ordinary like a dining table.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Inspired by Family Mag
      December 2, 2015 at 4:57 am #

      Rea, Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. It sounds like your dining room table is treasured as much as ours. ~mari


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