The Indoor Winter Activity that Will Make You a Hero With Your Kids

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Our family loves camping, hiking and all things outdoors. We recently took a trip to explore some volcanoes with active glaciers and it about wiped my boys out.  I thought for sure we weren’t going to make it but we did get to the top where the active glaciers were at.

I thought I was doing fine until we got to our car and my legs felt shaky. I was quite shocked at how they were trembling so I thought for sure I’m going to be sore later that night. Sure enough I was. I grew up in a a family who used Bengay for every ache and sore but unfortunately I had left home without it. That night I definitely wished I had Bengay to help relieve some of the minor aches and pains from the strenuous hike up the volcano.



So this family activity I’m sharing below is for those times when you can’t go camping or enjoy the great outdoors because it’s too cold or just not feasible. My kids love pretending to go camping in our living room. Sometimes getting creative can be simple!


The Indoor Winter Activity that Will Make You a Hero With Your Kids.

“The kids are bouncing off the walls!” Those are the words I have exchanged with my husband during the winter months when he calls me from his work. This one particular day, it was raining and it was cold and they just so happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed so they were at each others throat about all sorts of little things.

“Mommy he’s looking at me. Mommy he’s copying me. Mommy can you tell him to stop drawing me like a dinosaur.”  I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

After hours of this you doubt  you’re going to make it to lunch time. So that’s when it’s time to get creative.


Simple Indoor Camping Family Activity


  • sheets
  • table
  • blankets and pillows

I just used an outdoor table but any would work. Place your sheet over the table and let it hang over.

Place your pillows and blankets inside and you’re set.

Tips for a Simple Indoor Camping Family Activity

Remember creative can be simple! Our tent doesn’t fit in our living room without having to move furniture out so we used a table because the thought of rearranging furniture seemed overwhelming. Also, we don’t have a fireplace so we made a fake fire with branches, wood and rocks. But did you know you can make real s’mores in the oven or microwave? You don’t need a fire place! You can use blankets if you don’t have sleeping bags but I highly recommend sleeping bags for easier clean up. For activities do the same things you would do if you were camping which means no electronic devices. Enjoy telling stories, singing songs and playing games. Cook hotdogs but let them eat it from a skewer or stick like they would if you were camping. You can even do a scavenger hunt right in your backyard to get them outside for a few minutes.


Stop by your local Target and pick up some Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream for your winter toolkit you definitely don’t want to do any strenuous hiking without it, like I did. 

  • Temporarily relieves the minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with: simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.
  • For adults and children 12 years and older.
  • Use only as directed.

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