The Brave Moms = Strong Families! Challenge

What if I told you that living bravely, passionately and in truth = Strong Families!

Yes, my sweet mama friends our baby steps of faith and believing who God says He is and then living out His truth has the potential to birth a strong family.

Join me in this 6 Day Challenge “Brave Moms = Strong Families!” Project.

brave moms strong families

The world needs you to be who you are today!

Not tomorrow when you have more time.

Or in a year when you get that promotion.

But now, in between laundry.

Not next month when you lose 5 lbs.

But now, in between carpool runs and rushing home from work.

Not in a couple of years when your son is out of diapers.

But now, in between meal making and washing dishes.

Right now!

We need the original you.

Are you willing to take hold of the truth of who God says He is? Who God says you are?

We are kicking off a 6 Day Challenge to help us “live bravely right now”! See below for the details.

brave moms strong families

Are you willing to find the courage to be who you are in this present time?

Remember He is in you right now, this very moment!

Embrace who you are because greater is He who is in you (1John 4:4)!

Ponder this:
The past–Stop looking back at what you wish you would’ve done or your past mistakes. You see you can’t be used in the past no matter how much you dwell on what you wished you said or would’ve done–you can’t change the past.
The future–Stop letting the future paralyze you with fear. Fretting over what has not happened or what is to come doesn’t change a single thing. It only fills you with anxiety, stress, and fear.
The present–This is where we need to camp out in the present. The only time you can be used most fully is in the now.

He chose us in Him before the foundations of the world that we should be set apart and blameless before Him.” Ephesians 1:4

Be you, not tomorrow, next week or next year. Right now!

Sit for a second and ponder this truth–

Simply surrender to Him as you are!”

There is so much beauty and strength in motherhood and we can only take a hold of it when we move forward in truth.

Brave Moms = Strong Families! 6 Day Challenge

My friend Jenny from Nighthowells Blog and I are kicking off a 6 Day Mom Challenge, to help us live bravely! Not tomorrow, not when the summer is over but right where we are.

If you are tired of waiting for the right moment to live fearlessly, passionately and in truth this is for you.  Are you tired of making excuses? Hiding behind life? Saying things like–When the kiddos start preschool. When our baby starts walking. When I lose 10lbs. When my blog grows a tad bit more. When we move to…

Well, I’m here to tell you there’s never a right time. Never! As mothers, we will always have something going on whether our kids are little or big. Yes, we’ll have more time when they are more independent but even then there will be some other excuse. So let’s start now!

How to Join the Brave Mom = Strong Families! 6 Day Challenge

It’s really easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Add your email address in the box below to start the challenge!
  2. After you sign up you will receive a confirmation email to your inbox. Confirm!
  3. Now you’re on your way to receiving 6 days of encouragement, teaching, free printables and much more (see schedule below) to help you live bravely, passionately and in truth- right in your inbox!

Moms living bravely, passionately and in truth = Strong Families!

Once you’ve subscribed to the challenge you can also join our Brave Moms Strong Families Facebook Group by clicking HERE! In our Facebook Group, is your group where you can share, ask questions. We will also share encouragement throughout the week, 1 video a week and we’ll have a question and answer time throughout the  6 Day Challenge.

The Brave Moms = Strong Families! Schedule

Since we know summer can be a busy time we decided that we would spread the challenge out so every week we will share 2 blog post with you and a challenge at the end of the post to encourage you to move toward living fiercely where you are! You can check back HERE to get the updated posts and links as they go live.

Our heart’s desire is to walk alongside moms and encourage them to inspire their families by living fearlessly, passionately and in truth as they discover their God-given passion, purpose, and potential. Subscribe to our Brave Moms Strong Families Challenge today!

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  2. What a great post! As moms, it’s easy to put things off until “a more opportune time.” But you’re right, we need to choose to live each and every moment well. When we seek God we can become more who He’s created us to be, and we can live with passion and purpose in each moment.

    I’m your neighbor over at Holley Gerth’s today. It’s so nice to “meet” you!

  3. Love this!! I think we all need to be reminded of this at some point in our days…it’s amazing how Satan can take away our value with simple words!

    • Jolie, Yes, he can but we can use simple words right back at him to put him in his place. LOL