Simple & Fun Names of Jesus Christmas Ornaments Advent Calendar

A simple and fun way for the busy family to stay focused on Jesus this season with our Names of Jesus Christmas Ornaments Advent Calendar.

There are so many Christmas traditions to add to your holiday season but this is one you’ll find yourself coming back to every year because it’s focused on Christ and it’s easy to enjoy.

The lovely thing about these ornaments is they make a beautiful keepsake to use for years to come.

You can keep them simple as pictured below by printing them off on card stock and hang them on string with some pretty ribbon.

Or you can add bling to your hearts content!

In the picture below, I used silver glittery washi tape. I love washi tape! It’s basically tape that’s pretty and comes in different designs and colors.

I have two ways you can use the Names of Jesus Christmas Ornaments Advent. One way is to have your child take out an ornament and hang it on the tree or wherever you choose to display it. Then go through the scripture reference on the ornament and read it as a family.

The second way is to display ornament, read the scripture reference on the ornament and then read the passage for that day using the Jesus Storybook Bible .

Our family will be doing both the scripture reference and the Storybook Bible! I’m sure there will be nights when we are running low on time so we’ll just stick to the scripture reference.  I love the Jesus Storybook Bible and though I have a teen in our house we still use it at Easter and Christmas to read through the Bible as a family.

Simply print off the printable and then cut and paste it to your mason jar lid and display it. You can do 10, 20 or all 24 days that lead to the birth of Christ celebration. Feel free to tweak it to meet your families needs and schedules.

This advent doesn’t have cute activities it’s just the basics of Christmas.

But I do have an Advent Calendar that is also focused on Christ but it includes fun activities to do each day. You can find that HERE. It’s the “24 Days of Christmas ADVENTures”!

Simple & Fun Names of Jesus Christmas Ornaments Advent Calendar

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  1. Cut out your names of Jesus printable and glue them to the back side of the lid of the mason jar. I found it easier to use a glue stick or double sided tape.
  2. If you’re decorating the outside of the band you’ll need to do that first. I placed silver glittery washi tape all around it but use whatever you want or leave as is.
  3. Then tie string or twine around one end to hang the ornament.
  4. Then insert the lid with the name so the name is facing up. Make sure it fits first and glue it on from the inside with a hot glue gun.
  5. Finally, add your decorations. I simply tied red ribbon over my twine with berries.

Each day pull an ornament out and read the name of Jesus. Then read the scripture reference that corresponds to the name of Jesus for that day. Finally end your time, reading the passage from the Storybook Bible. The lovely thing about using the Storybook Bible is you’ll get to journey through the Old Testament Bible stories that lead to the birth of Jesus Christ.

For Young Children:

If you’re kids are young figure out how to tweak this so it works for your family. One way we’ve done it is we have them choose one of the ornaments from our bag, then they hang it on the tree. Lastly, we read the name of the Jesus and read the Storybook Bible. This Bible does a great job at explaining the Bible in a way little ones can understand. We also own the Jesus Storybook Bible DVD’s (affiliate link). We used to have our toddler watch the stories on DVD instead of reading the story. When my kids were 4 we started reading it and watching the story. They love it!

For Older Children:

With older kids you can do all three parts of the Ornament advent: hang ornament, read the scripture and the passage from the Storybook Bible. I don’t think the Jesus Storybook Bible is too young for teens. I personally love it as an adult! There’s always a part that deeply touches me and I find myself crying through the story. But if your teens feel childish reading through it then read the scripture passage straight from the Bible.

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