Kick Off Your Summer With a Summer Acts of Kindness Bucket List

This random acts of kindness summer bucket list will get your kids thinking about others this summer! What if our kids’ summer could be magical, without spending countless hours planning activities, summer camps, and outings for them, but because they were spreading kindness!

It was another normal day in the summer. We were off again to one of our fun activities. I told the kids we could get a fun drink while we were out. I went through the drive thru to get our drinks because the kids were at each other’s throat fighting about everything and I was in a hurry.

As I got to the checkout window the lady informed me that the person in front of me paid for our drinks.
We were all in awe! I wanted to cry not because we didn’t have the money to pay for it ourselves. It was the mere act of someone taking the time to show us kindness.

At that moment something clicked.

We forgot about, “I’m bored. My brother hit me. Do we have to go the museum again?” We knew we wanted to do the same for others this summer.

I knew I needed to give my kids opportunities to give back.

A summer of “give me, give me” or “What are you planning for us so we are not bored? What activities are we doing today?” only plants seeds of entitlement.

I want them to see someone’s face light up like ours did when we received this a random act of kindness. I want them to know that they can change the world one person at a time by being kind.

You Can Still Have Family Vacations

There’s nothing wrong with day camps, summer activities or family vacations!

We still go on family vacations but we sprinkle our summer with random acts of kindness so that our kids have the opportunity to share some of their own magical kindness with others.

The acts of kindness give them an opportunity to say thank you in their own little way.

Try it At Home!

Try it! The acts of kindness aren’t just aimed at strangers. You can practice this within your family. For example, a sibling can use their allowance money to take another one out for Culver’s frozen custard. I highly recommend you try the Blackberry Cobbler fresh frozen custard it was amazing! It’s creamy, cool and delicious!

Or you can write a coupon for your sibling that says, “Good for one free cool treat at your favorite restaurant!”

You’ll be amazed at what your children will discover about others and the world around them when they are serving and giving of themselves through acts of kindness.

Here are our summer random acts of kindness bucket list to inspire you to share the magic of kindness this summer.

Summer Acts of Kindness Bucket List

  1. Leave an encouraging note inside a library book for someone to find.
  2. Make fun bookmarks and leave them inside books at your local library.
  3. Go on a walk in your neighborhood or park and pick up trash along the way.
  4. Write a letter to your sibling and let them know why you’re thankful for them.
  5. Offer to wash your neighbor’s car.
  6. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  7. Make homeless kits and keep them in the car to give away.
  8. Hold the door for the person behind you at public places today.
  9. Smile and say hello to your cashier.
  10. Treat a stranger to an ice cream.
  11. Donate gently used clothes or toys to a charity.
  12. Leave “kind words” chalk messages on your neighborhood sidewalk or at the park.
  13. Hand out cold drinks to your community helpers like the mailman, collectors of trash…
  14. Do a chore for your sibling without them knowing.
  15. Choose to be thankful all day!
  16. Find a kid’s club or daycare where you can read to their children during quiet time.
  17. Donate gently used books to a daycare center in need.
  18. Give out compliments today!
  19. Make a treat for a friend or neighbor.
  20. Tape change to a parking meter
  21. Help your family make dinner.
  22. Tell someone how much you appreciate them today.
  23. Treat your sibling or friend to Culver’s custard!
  24. Volunteer to read at a nursing home.
  25. Teach someone something!

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