Do You Have “Rescuer” Friends? Learning to Release Them

One day I was pondering the many friendships that have come and gone from my life.

Some friendships fizzled out because we grew apart, life circumstances, distance and unfortunately some because of conflict. But there was one group I couldn’t quite pinpoint what had happened. As I thought through each situation I came to realize these are my “rescuer” friends.

I have endearingly named the “rescuers” my friends whose heart’s desire is to bless others. They are the beautiful people God puts in your path for such a time as this. They are the helpers who jump in to greet you when you first arrive to a gathering and you don’t know anyone. The ones who stay and listen. The ones who offer to take you around town when you just moved in. They are the ones who will always make time for you, if you’re struggling. They are everyones friend. They are loved.

They are here and gone.

You see I’ve struggled with my “rescuer” friends because they don’t stick around and I’m usually not ready to let them go. Not because I want more help but because I want to grow that friendship. I want to continue that camaraderie that was offered and perhaps have an opportunity to be that for them.
But just like the fireman doesn’t hang around after they’ve put out the fire, they can’t either. Imagine if they stuck around they’d miss opportunities to bless others.

I’m not a sentimentalist but I’m a loyalist at heart almost to a fault. Just the other day I took very sad looking Mum plant and began putting it in the ground because maybe if I planted it would grow come Spring. I know the struggle is real because I’ve also had my share of being a “rescuer” where God has called me to intervene and help for such a time as this.

I release you my rescuer friends. But not in a ticked off sort of way or in a bitter “Find then.” way but in a “I’m thankful for you and you hold a special place in my heart.” way.

Go and be God’s hands and feet. Go and bless others. Use your gifts of hospitality and service to “rescue”, welcome, help and love on others our world desperately needs you.  I now know you can’t do this well if you stay and grow every relationship that crosses your path. God be with you, my “rescuer” friend.

May God richly bless you with a community of your own.

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