Motherhood Is Supposed to Be Hard

Have you ever felt like somehow you got jipped in this motherhood thing? Like somehow you got the short end of the stick when God made you a mother? I get it, we all have our “mom fail” moments, days and even weeks.  In fact, I had one this morning and it’s tempting to feel like I was put in the malfunctioning motherhood group.

We’ve subconsciously or consciously believed this false narrative–that motherhood is supposed to be easy.

Let’s go back to Genesis to get some perspective. Since the beginning of creation, we are told in Genesis that motherhood was not going to be easy the words used to describe motherhood in Genesis 3:16 is “pain, toil, work, labor…”

Motherhood is supposed to be hard but it doesn’t mean it’s all hard. Yes, there are beautiful and magical days but just like a farmer has to toil in order to enjoy the harvest so do we as we plant seeds in the hearts of our children.

In our heads, we know it’s’ going to be hard but we don’t really know it until we experience the depths of sleeplessness, sickness and worry.

It’s easy to lose sight of truth and feel embarrassed or shocked when:

Our kids are acting like kids. You know when they are tattling, whining or arguing with you.
When our cute little cherubs behave sinfully.
When we behave sinfully.
We are shocked they’ve forgotten what we’ve taught them. But if you pause for a moment and think about how old you are and how long God has been teaching you the same old lesson you get some perspective.

Motherhood Is Supposed to Be Hard

When we enter mothering with the belief that motherhood is supposed to be easy then when we experience challenges and it gets hard we blame ourselves or our children. We believe that either we are not suitable for this work or that they are the problem.

Both of these thoughts are birthed from a lie that claims if things are hard something must be wrong. So you begin to feel dissatisfied with the most important work you’ve been given –to mother.

Instead of entering the “motherhood pity party” and compare our mothering to other moms, our children to other children and letting the bitterness and jealousy creeps in let’s shift our thoughts.

Let our imperfections remind us of His perfect work on the cross.

Embracing Motherhood

Let’s start embracing motherhood for what it is; it comes with challenges and that’s okay and normal for you and your child to experience struggles. It does NOT mean that our kids are horrible or that you’re incompetent.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

The reality is, the most important things in our lives have come to us with much labor.

Motherhood is brutal and it’s also beautiful. It’s brutiful!

Motherhood is the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do and the most unappreciated role you’ll ever have.

Motherhood will take you off your high horse in a matter of seconds and the next minute you’ll find yourself having a “proud mom moment”.

Motherhood will make you ugly-cry and happy cry and I mean really ugly-cry to the point you can’t even catch your breath.

Motherhood has lots of long nights but the years are short.

As mothers, we have birthed and nurtured a precious life into this world. It’s pretty amazing and you should be proud of this beautiful sacrifice and accomplishment of bringing and raising a precious soul. In the process don’t forget that motherhood was designed for you to lean into the Giver of Life, it doesn’t all depend on you.

Mommas we need Jesus. His grace is sufficient for you. We were never meant to mom alone!
So stop trying.

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