How to Pray The Psalms for Your Children

One of the precious gifts God has given us is the ability to connect with Him at any given time or place through prayer. Prayer is a powerful weapon we have as mothers.

Let me show you what God’s word says. Many of us are familiar with the passage in the Bible that talks about putting on the armor of God. Often when people teach on the armor of God it ends at verse 17 with “the sword of Spirit, which is the word of God,”. But if you notice the verse doesn’t end there it continues. It says, “pray at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.”

Prayer is a part of putting on the armor of God.
So, how do we fight? Paul reminds us in Ephesians that we fight in His strength (vs 10), not in our own might but in Jesus’ strength. We fight with the ALL of the armor of God (vs11-17) and praying at all times (vs 18).

Let’s fight our battles on our knees. I’m not saying we aren’t expected to do anything but pray. But how often do we forget prayer? How often do we leave it until all of our resources have failed us? Prayer doesn’t always change our circumstances but it changes our heart.

We enter prayer knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord. Nothing can stand against our God. He is our mighty fortress, refuge, hiding place, and Savior. He is with us, in us, and goes before us.

How to Pray the Psalms for Your Child

I will walk you through praying the first 5 days of Praying the Psalms for your children starting February 23rd, 2021. You can follow along on my Facebook page where I’ll be sharing a video and tips.

I share in-depth on how to pray Scripture in this article 8 Things to Remember When Praying Scripture.

I will share a few different ways to pray through the Psalms.
1. One of them is praying the scripture for our children as a stand-alone prayer.
2. Add the scripture to our prayers.
3. Lastly, I will share how to use the acronym P. R. A. Y. as we go through different passages in Psalms.

  1. P is for Praise.
  2. R is for Repentance.
  3. A is for Ask.
  4. Y is for Yield.

P– Praise. Look at the verse and praise God for His character, what he’s doing or has done.

RRepent. As you read over the scripture maybe the Lord is calling you to repentance. Take time to pray specifically about what He’s putting on your heart to confess to Him.

A. Ask. You can use this passage to ask God for something that He is specifically putting on your heart.

Y. Yield This is a time to yield what He is saying to you in His word. It can be a time to simply stop and listen to what He has to say to you through His word and it can also be a time of affirming what He is telling you through His word.

So let’s look at Day 1 which is Psalm 1:2-3 and we will use it as a stand-alone prayer for our child. I will fill in the blank with the names of my kids.

Heavenly Father, May ___ delight in your Word meditate on it day and night and be like a tree planted by the streams of water that yields fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither. In your name, amen.

Join me for 31 Days of Praying the Psalms for Your Children

Join me Tuesday, February 23rd as we begin our 5 day journey together and then you can continue the rest of the 31 days of praying the Psalms for our family.

Simply join us by following along with the FREE Scripture Guide below or you can follow along with our Praying Psalms Card Set HERE shown above.

I will walk you through 5 days of this 31-day journey to get you started. You can stop at 5 days but I have a feeling you’re going to want to do the whole thing! Hopefully, this prayer journey will draw you closer to God and your children.

Some of us have been praying for years, others of us are growing weary of praying, or this may all be new to you. No matter where you find yourself I invite you to join us on this 31 day Journey of Praying the Psalms for our Family.

The 31 Days of Praying the Psalms for Your Children includes 31 cards with Scripture to pray, Question to help you engage with your child and a word of encouragement to connect with them.

How to Pray the Psalms Free Scripture Guide

Below are the 31 verses we will be praying through our Psalms Prayer Journey and Scripture Guide:

You can download the FREE scripture guide here:

If you prefer to have the 31 Days of Praying Psalms for Your Children kit with the 31 Prayer verse cards, At a Glance Scripture Guide, Prayer journal set you can download a copy of it HERE.

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