Summer Routines and Rhythms Challenge

Once upon a time, I decided that we were going to “go easy” on all of our routines and rhythms. I thought that maybe if I did things a little more “carefree” they would just fall into place all on their own. After all, we’d been doing these rhythms and routines for years.

The result of my “carefree” little to no routine living was this:

  • Constant nagging. Did you practice for piano lessons? Did you do your reading? Have you had breakfast? Why are their shoes and backpacks at the door?
  • Chores and routines out the window. Nothing that needed to be done was getting done. So I spent a lot of energy and time saying things like this: Who is doing dishes? Why haven’t you done them yet? Why is your bed still not made? It’s 6 p.m. in the evening.
  • Faith routines. It was pretty much non-existent.
  • Sibling rivalry. A lack of structure creates lots of opportunities for you to become a referee of all their silly arguments and fights.
  • Irritated parents. There is nothing more frustrating to a parent than to repeat youself over and over again all day, every day. Those types of interactions between you and your child create lots of tension in the relationship which in turn also means your child is frustrated with you. It’s hard to see the good happening when all you see are messes, things that aren’t getting done, screen zombified kids who are hungry all day and are fighting over who gets to sit in the green chair.
  • Constantly frustrated children. Your constant reminders are seen by your child as nagging or criticism. Though they play a big part in these interactions they don’t see it from that perspective they just hear an angry, irritated parent telling them they didn’t do something right.

Whew! Just writing that made me cringe at the thought of all that energy and time wasted. Instead of connecting with your children your constantly correcting them all summer long. Now that sounds fun! (insert sarcastic voice)

So through all of that, I was reminded of what I tell my clients all the time–When you aim at nothing you get whatever or pretty much nothing.

I learned the hard way that when we have some healthy flexible structure in place it gives us the freedom to have fun, our children know what to do without being told every 10 minutes what needs to be done and they aren’t in constant “fight-out-of-sheer-boredom” mode.

Buy our Summer Routines & Rhythms Challenge to help you create some peace and fun in your home.

Summer Routines & Rhythms Challenge

So I want to help you enjoy your summer by teaching a few tips and tricks to create a flexible but structured summer. The awesome thing about these rhythms and routines is that you’ll be able to use the basic principles all year long.

Join me in our Summer Routines & Rhythms Challenge! I will teach you how to create a structure that fits YOUR family and can be tailored to the stage of life your family is in. I will show you how to bring a family team mentality into your home and your children will sense they have something valuable to offer.

I am a certified life coach with 20 years of experience teaching workshops, classes, and seminars to parents to help them bring connection and faith in their home.

I want to help you be intentional in your home this summer! The structure actually brings flexibility and margin. Everything below is customizable for your family. In my workshops I teach you:

Who needs this?

  • If you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do.
  • You feel like you’re doing it alone and doing it all.
  • Living in stress mode constantly.
  • Are you tired of chaotic summers?
  • If you have children from 3-16 years olds?

So are you ready for more peace, connection, and time for you to enjoy life and your family this summer?

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