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Hola, I am Mari Hernandez-Tuten a mom, wife, friend, Latina, counselor, missionary, speaker, founding editor and just Mari! If you have a question or just want to say hi, you can get in touch with me at: inspiredbyfamilymag at

I love to have fun with paper, food, paint, music and events and just being creative in all of it. I wish I could JUST write about the art of cooking, photography, sewing, art, mothering, jewelry making, card making, dancing, gardening, deep spiritual thoughts, decorating, poetry, party planning, baking…. and the list goes on but I can’t.  I love to share all of this fun with my family and friends. So this is my way of having you over and sharing the fun with you! So have a seat with your cafe con leche and let’s get crafty or we can just sit and discuss fashion or recipes but what I really love is to have heart to heart conversations on what God is doing in your life. If an article catches your attention, challenges you…. leave us a note and let me know what God is doing in your life, that would make my week!

Though I love to create my heart is moved when we dig deep! One late evening, I was sitting at my computer reading an email from a reader in response to our series, Loving Your Man When it Hurts.  I was moved by her words and I sat there crying through her email because of the circumstances she found herself in and the hope this article had brought to her life.  I was dumbfounded and honored  that the Lord had used us to encourage  her and bring His hope into her marriage. This is why I do what I do!

I hope our passion:

 to GROW and fearlessly do great things for God,

to CREATE from what we have been given,

and to LIVE and LAUGH in the midst of our circumstances


I learned this valuable lesson to LIVE life from my parents.  They arrived to the U.S. not speaking any English, with only a middle school education and very little money.  In spite of their circumstances they did their best to not just survive but to enjoy and celebrate life.  I remember sitting in the living room dancing and laughing with my family. And even though my father had just gotten home at 9p.m at night from a long shift from work he joined in on the fun. This is one of many valuable lessons, I want to pass on to my children and readers.

I am honored that the Lord would bring me to this place right here in front of your screen as the founding editor of Inspired by Family Magazine! I absolutely love this opportunity to inspire you and your family with our crafts, recipes, diy tutorials, fashion tips, inspirational encouragement biblical challenges and much more……

I blog over at .

Counting My Blessings,

Mari Hernandez-Tuten

The man who not only cheers me on in my crazy ideas and dreams but also gets off the sidelines to help me! I count it a blessing to have him in my life!

You can also find me at:

 Just Mommies 

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