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One of the ways Inspired by Family Magazine likes to celebrate the difference is by featuring writers from various backgrounds, cultures, age, race and personalities.

Mikel Siefert is our Marketing and Communications Coordinator.  Hi, I’m a Domestic Engineer in Fort Worth, TX! I married my best friend 5 years ago – he’s the smartest man I know. We’ve been blessed with a healthy little girl named Heidi who’s 15-months-going-on-15-years-old. I’ve always been a big fan of the blogosphere and all of the inspiration, creativity & encouragement that it produces! I’m so excited to get involved on the contributing side of things. I may even attempt to write my own little blog soon – eek!


Now go and enjoy  all of our wonderful and lovely contributing writers, creative spaces:

Carla Ackermann– Carla Ackermann believes that a picture really is worth a thousand words.  You will get to enjoy her photography in her Column “A Thousand Words.”

Hey everyone! I was born Canadian, studied to be an American (lived in California) and now pay to be a missionary with my family of six in Quito, Ecuador.  Being the oldest of the crew, I would claim to be the wisest but my ever-shrinking memory debunks that notion.  Creative and frugal, I enjoy making great things out of very little (no access to Michaels’s or Hobby Lobby makes this much more of a reality).  Jesus is my life. I ramble and babble and muse at www.breathingdeepwheretheairisthin.blogspot.com.

Kathleen Ang-Dalseno– Shares with us her talents and skills in our column, Inspiration To Get Us Through the Week.

Kathleen a sojourner, a meditator and a designer. Printable Scripture is the integration of all her experiences and conversations with God. All her designs are also made for the walls of her future Scandinavian style black and white themed dream home. Currently residing in Munich, Germany with her husband, she is also spearheading a local handmade movement. Her website is: http://printablescripture.blogspot.com.

Leslie Cates writes a column on all things food!

Hi, my name is Leslie!  I’ve been married to my wonderful–Med student–husband for 7 years, and I love being his wife!  We’re on this crazy journey together as he completes his schooling!  I work full time as a stylist, but my passion is definitely food, music, and my relationship with Jesus Christ!  I’m a Kentucky gal who loves to be in the kitchen.  Coming from a loving, Southern family with generations of renowned home-cooks, I feel blessed to be able to carry this culinary torch down as a legacy.  I love anything chocolate and trying new dishes are so exciting, but my favorite things to make are recipes full of memories and love!  I’d love for you to visit my blog at The Cozy Little Kitchen.

Virginia Davidson writes a column on inspirational encouragement and at times she shares her crafty side with us.  You can read more of her articles over at www.geekyandsassy.com.

I am Virginia – V, or Ginny for short.  I’m a follower of Jesus, wife, mother, sister.  I love to read, sew, be outside and blog.  I find myself bookmarking pages pinning things and dreaming of what projects I will be doing next week.  I’ve been married for 5 years, had 2 kids and 1 brain tumor removed.  I am recently “retired” to now work full time as a mommy.  Nap times are spent balancing housework and sewing.   There’s never a balance of the two….the dishes always come in 2nd place.  If you stick around (which I hope you will) you’ll get a taste of my faith, family, what I’m learning, sewing & just plain craftiness.

Leslie Foster writes a column from her perspective, on life as we know it with “Ponderings From an Ohio Farm Girl”.

Leslie grew up on a small farm in rural Ohio.  She has tried her hand at many different jobs, including grocery store cashier, bank teller, factory worker, records clerk, professional house cleaner, secretary, and, most recently, English teacher.  She has lived in Germany, Russia, Argentina, China, and Ecuador.  She currently resides in Illinois, but she is trying to weasel her way back to her home state to be closer to family.  Leslie’s relationship with God has been the single most important part of her life since she was 11.  You can read more of Leslie’s writing on her blog: fosterleslie.blogspot.com.

Laurel MacDougall– Shares all of her creative enegry with us in our Crafts/DIY column.

HI! I’m Laurel and am a stay at home mother of 3 kiddos – almost 4! There is so much I love! I love to try to create things and if I can involve my kiddos in that process – the better! I love to make ordinary days extra special and I love trying to merge practical and pretty! I blog all my endeavors and attempts at living a balanced life at my blog Ducks in a Row.

 Kelly Griglione- Hi, I’m Kelly! Crafting has always been a huge part of my life, encouraged in childhood by my Grandma who always had a project for me. My passion is paper. I collect 19th century valentines, postcards, scrapbooks and other ephemera. After re-organizing my craft room, and realizing that my stack of cardstock actually touches the ceiling, I started to wonder if an intervention is needed for my obsession! Nah, it’s all good. I love to scrapbook, make home decor items, and more recently design cards. They’re quick to make, and in this somewhat impersonal age of electronic communications, I love the idea of creating a unique card specifically for someone I care about. Stop by my blog at www.notablenest.blogspot.com. I’d absolutely love to see you there!

Lyuba Brooke is the author and creator of Will Cook For Smiles. She enjoys coming up with new creations for her husband and son and hearing all the yummy noise while they eat! She loves sharing all her recipes and especially loves knowing that they are being used.

Heather Kinnaird  I am a wife and stay at home mom that has always had a love of cooking.  I became interested in healthy alternative after becoming a mother, and blogging is how I spend my Me-time being creative. You can find Heather over at Heathersfrenchpress.com

Submitting Articles

If you would like to submit an article in the following areas:

  • DIY Projects
  • Recipes
  • Crafts: Kid, Wearable and Home Decor
  • Teacher Classroom Ideas (homeschooling or school based)
  • Inspirational Encouragement Article or Story (personal or biblically based): parenting, marriage, self, teens, work, ministry
  • Funny statement your child said or story
  • Local or Global project service ideas your involved in
  • Nominate a woman who is impacting those around them
  • Practical theology Articles (how theology plays out in our  home, parenting, as a couple)
  • Celebrations/Party Ideas (cakes, dessert tables, party favors…)
  • Fashion Tips and Ideas

We would love to hear from you, contact me at [email protected].

-All articles are submitted on a volunteer basis, no article receives compensation other than knowing that you’re blessing many readers with your insight.  More information for contributors will be given to you after we accept you as a contributing writer.

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