3 Way Cake Stand

I just wanted to give Sarah from Winthrop Chronicles a warm welcome to the Inspired by Family team! We are so glad to have her on board. You will enjoy all of your creative ideas!
Cake stands can sometimes be expensive and you may not use them very often, but when you spend hours baking in the kitchen, it sure is nice to have something pretty to display all that hard work on. So I love making my own cake stands from thrift store finds because then it only ends up costing a couple of dollars. This particular cake stand can be used three ways. It’s so easy to make and before you know it your shelves will be full of cake stands!
The first way you can use this is as a cupcake stand.
The second is as a serving plate.
The third is as a small cake stand.
Materials needed:
  • Two white dinner plates, one larger and one smaller
  • White gloss spray paint
  • Candle stick holder
  • Some sort of decorative piece (mine was an oversized chess piece on clearance at Hobby Lobby)
  • Multi-purpose glue
To make:
Spray paint your candle stick holder and decorative piece. Don’t spray paint the plates or else you won’t be able to place food right on top of them.
After the spray paint has dried, put an all purpose glue on the top of the candle stick holder.
Put the glue side down on the underside of the smaller plate.
Put some weight on top of it and let the glue dry.  
And that’s it! The only pieces you glue together are the candle stick holder and the smaller plate, everything else is just placed on top of each other so that it can be versatile. You have a stand alone small cake stand. Or you can place the small cake stand on top of the larger serving plate and place the decorative piece on top of the small cake stand to get your cupcake stand. For your serving plate, just put the decorative piece on top of the larger dinner plate. Pretty easy huh?!  
Sarah is a former NBC news reporter turned stay at home mom. She loves spending time with her three little ones. Her days include picnics at the park and potty training, and she tries to squeeze in some crafting and sewing time when she can. You can follow what she (and her family) are up to and what her latest project is at The Winthrop Chronicles.

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  1. What a cool way to design your own personalized cake stand. Very clever and very easy, I love it. Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays.

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