5 Easy Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

Do Christmas Advent Calendars sound overwhelming to you?  Don’t let that keep you from trying this great family activity during the holidays because I have created and found some fun easy ideas for you.

Let me ease your mind concerning Advent Calendars by telling you that you can start your Christmas advent calendar anytime it doesn’t have to be 25 days. It can be 12 days, 10 days or even 6 days.  Really, you can start it whenever you want.

I absolutely love the idea of small Christmas celebrations each day in December. I definitely need that daily reminder to focus on what this season is really about.  For a while, I avoided Christmas Advent Calendars. The thought of doing something each day during the busiest month of the year was overwhelming but I soon realized that I could make the calendar to fit our schedule.

Here are some easy fun ideas to help simplify the fun: (these were featured in “The Spirit of Christmas” Winter Issue“)

1. Simple Paper Cone Advent– Make cones from paper and place treats in each one. The Red Thread shares this fabulous idea in detail.

2. Clothespin Envelopes Advent– Can it get an easier than this? Glue clothespins to board and add envelopes. View details here.

3. Paper Bag Advent– Twine, paper bags and clothes pins. The Most Lovely Things blog shares details to her simple advent here.

4. Pillow Box Advent– Recycle your toilet paper rolls with this advent activity. View details here.

5. Wreath Advent– Kirsty Wiseman Blog shares how to make this circle wreath from clothes pins and cute christmas paper.

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  1. These are great! I love the clothespin Advent Calendar. I wish I had done that last year when I could not find those inexpensive Advent calendars anywhere and my kids really wanted them!

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