Easy Christmas Ornament Craft: Peppermint Candy


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This easy Christmas Ornament Craft is a great way to get the kid involved on decorating the Christmas tree.

Every time I see the christmas candy ornaments in the store I think to myself, “I can totally make those” but I never get around to it.  This year, I decided to find an easy way to make them and I love how they turned out. It’s makes a great class christmas craft since it’s cheap and easy. My husband borrowed the idea for his 6th grade class.  Each student made one to decorate the class Christmas tree.  So fun!

You can use a recycled canned good lid like we did. Note, our can opener bends the edges down so it’s safe to use. Or you can use cardboard circles.  I wanted some smaller candies so I also used cardboard, I just recycled our cereal box and cut out circles from it.

You will need:

Lid or cardboard circles



pipe cleaners

1. Take your circle and glue pipe cleaners to the base. Our pipe cleaners were bought twisted but if you can’t find them that way just take two colors of pipe cleaners and twist them.

2. Cut out tulle in squares that are large enough to wrap around the circle. If you are making this as a group project with kids my husband pre-cut the squares and circles for his students.

3. Glue the tulle to the back of the circle.

4. Tie ends with ribbon and add some glue.

As an adult, I made this in 3 minutes my 8 year old son made it in 5 minutes. If you are not in a hurry you can easily make this a 25 minute class project and make more then one with the kids. They can cut out their own circles, twist their pipe cleaners, cut out squares from tulle.

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