Dollar Store No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

This is me at the store in the Christmas aisle:

I pick up one of those beautiful eye candy Tree skirts and I admire it.

I look at the price tag and I think to myself– “I will keep this until I die so it’s okay to spend $65 on this.”

I stick it in my cart and before I am done shopping it’s out of my cart because I can’t make bring myself to purchasing it.

Can anyone relate?

Dollar Store No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

Finally, I can have my eye candy Christmas tree skirt for $1!  Nothing like cascading ruffles to rescue a cheap $1 felt Christmas Tree Skirt.

You can see the cute little saying on the felt skirt “Dear God, Christmas is Love” too bad that didn’t move me enough to salvage it.

You need: Fabric glue, fabric, ribbon

1. Cut your strips to the desired length you want the strands. Thicker strands = less of step 2.

2. Start at the bottom on one end and gather it and glue. Gather and glue until you get to the other end. Then start again on the other end and keep doing this until you cover it up until you get to the top.

3. At the very top I used ribbon.

It took me about 40 minutes total and I saved myself a lot of money.

Sewing it would have not taken much longer but I had no desire to pull out the machine. Maybe at some point along the years I will sew over the glue.

xmas tree skirt

Update 12/2014– I made this Dollar Store No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt back in 2011 and it’s still going strong.  The glue has held up and it’s currently under my Christmas tree. Though I must admit it needs to ironed :).

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