Valentine’s Day Activity for Kids

valentines day activity for toddlers

You’re going to love this Valentine’s Day activity!  My toddler was so entertained by every step that he ended up doing it on his own for 30 minutes.  I was able to get a workout in while he sat next to me at the table.  Nothing like a productive morning!

So there are three steps to this activity and each one helps your toddler develop his fine motor skills and practice his colors.

valentines day toddler activity

  • Step 1: Tearing/cutting  the different colored construction paper into small pieces.
  • Step 2: Sorting the different colored paper into the right cups while saying the colors out loud.
  • Step 3: Then creating the different colors of paper onto the contact paper heart to create a collage.

Older kids version:

Basically, they are doing the same steps below but you’re not focusing on it and they are going a lot faster.  My older boys made a Love You Pieces Valentine’s day card with theirs instead of a single sheet to hang up near the window.

This is a great craft to do at your Valentine’s day party or for your class if you’re a teacher.

Valentine’s Day Activity for Kids


  • construction paper of various colors and tissue paper if you wish
  • contact paper
  • cups

valentines day craft for kids

1. Take the different colors of construction paper and have your child cut them into pieces either with his hands or with scissors.  My son loved using his hands but he also thoroughly enjoys using the scissors especially on things he’s not supposed to.

2. Then have your child take the cut pieces of construction paper and sort it into the cups that are assigned that color. My son would randomly say the colors as he placed them in the cups.

3. While he is doing that I prepared the heart paper and contact paper.  Take a sheet of paper any color and fold it in half and cut out half the heart.  This will leave a hallow heart inside your sheet of paper.

4. Then cut your contact paper the size of your hallowed heart sheet of paper with the sticky part facing up.

5. Have your child place the pieces of cut up paper on the sticky part of the contact paper.


He was so proud of his work, he was beaming!  You can’t tell in the pictures above but because we used clear contact paper you could see through all of the areas he left empty. He didn’t leave to many but just enough that it looks lovely against the window or you can use tissue paper and the whole thing will have light coming through it.

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