Special Birthday Breakfast Ideas

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 special birthday breakfast

It’s birthday week at our house and one of our traditions is making a special breakfast for the birthday boy or girl! Our kids look forward to it and last year I even got a special birthday breakfast put together by my kids. I was deeply touched to have them take the tradition I started for them and in return have them do this for me.

Here are some of our tried and true special breakfast ideas. There have been times when life is too chaotic and having a special birthday breakfast is just not possible so below I also share some simple and quick ideas for those moments. And of course there’s always the fun option of having breakfast for dinner.

Special Birthday Breakfast Ideas

waffle birthday breakfast

1. Waffle cake for breakfast! This is one of our kids favorite! Just add a candle to the stack of pancakes, sing and you’re done!

 birthday smoothie

2. Birthday smoothie with sprinkles!  Now who doesn’t love sprinkles? Well, actually I don’t but most kids do. If you’re needing something a bit more hearty but still on the healthier side you can always serve up your smoothie with or without sprinkles with one of the Jimmy Dean Delights products.*

bfast sandwich

They are yummy and they have a variety of breakfast sandwich options that you can just pop in the microwave and it’s ready in 2 minutes!

birthday breakfast

3. Serve breakfast on a special birthday plate! And of course a few sprinkles in your milk won’t hurt.

birthday cereal

4. Special birthday cereal. In our house sugary cereal is not an option so this would definitely be a treat for my kiddos but even if you normally have sugary cereal it’s always fun for the kids to pick their very own favorite cereal on their birthday morning.

 Simple birthday celebrations and traditions

5. Birthday pancake cake! This is another favorite here in our home. It’s simple and fun. As I mentioned before if you don’t have time to make pancakes in the morning just have a special breakfast for dinner or make your pancakes ahead of time and just warm them up in the morning. We’ve also just done plain pancakes with sprinkles on top.

 bfast sandwich 2

*Jimmy Dean Delights are an excellent source of protein, making it possible to enjoy a wholesome breakfast any day of the week. Stop by their website to see all of their options.

And did you know that Jimmy Dean Delights are made with real ingredients like whole eggs, lean meat, and real veggies?

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