The Most Important Tool in Your Parenting Tool Box & Free Prayer Calendar

As a counselor who is constantly sharing strategies to help others I still believe one of the most important tools in our parenting tool box is glue. Let me explain….

The day was long! It was filled with parenting struggles and feelings of defeat.

I tossed around thoughts like, “When is this ever going to stop? What can we do to help him? If this doesn’t he’s going to end up not having friends, in jail, not married…”

Am I the only one who goes into a downward cycle of ridiculous thoughts when my child is disobedient or can’t figure something out. I tell myself things like–my child is never going to have a job because I caught him being sneaky or he’s never going to college if he can’t stop wetting his bed.

Maybe it’s just me but I have a feeling some of you moms can relate?

In the midst of these ridiculous thoughts I managed to stop myself.

I said to myself, “WAIT A MINUTE what are you doing? You’re forgetting something! I’m his mom not the Holy Spirit. Oh and my son is God’s child, and the Holy Spirit dwells within him. I need to pray that in the middle of his bad habit he would be remember who He belongs to and would have the strength to stop.”

I have a habit of talking to myself but at times I truly believe it’s gentle reminders from my Heavenly Father.

I started to pray and the tears rolled down from my anxious mama heart.

Prayer is the glue that holds our home together.

My lips dripped with His truth as I declared it for my son in prayer:

“Sweet Father, I believe in the good work you began in my son and I know and trust you’ll finish to the end. (Phil 1:9) Lord place your instruction deep within him and write them on his heart. I know he belongs to you. (Jer. 31:33) Help me trust in you. (Is. 40:31)”

Your Parenting Tool Box

Years ago in the midst of some hard stuff I decided to stop letting the enemy have free access into my marriage and my family.  I’m sure a part of me quickly went into thinking that meant I needed to come up with strategies to help us. I’m sure I came up with lots of plans of what we should do.

In our 14 years of  marriage, by far, the one strategy that has worked has been prayer.

I’m all about being active and intentional in my marriage and family but can I just tell you there isn’t a strategy in the world that can stand the attacks of the enemy like prayer and scripture.

Love, grace, truth are the foundation for my home. As you build your family, the tools and strategies you need in your parenting tool box vary. You need encouragement, playing, clear limits, rules and consequences.. these are all very important parenting tools but the thing that holds them together is prayer.

Prayer is the the glue that holds all of those strategies and activities together.

Prayer Calendar

It’s time to make prayer our number one tool! When we use prayer in conjunction with whatever healthy family system we are walking into the battle with the cryptonite!

Click here to download your copy: February Scripture

I usually print the written out prayer verses on the back of my calendar so it’s all on one sheet and I can easily keep it in my purse. I make 2 or 3 copies. One to keep in my Bible, one in my purse and sometimes I put one on my fridge. I use it when I’m in line waiting to checkout at the grocery store.

Fill in each day with the name of your child or spouse you will be praying for on that day. Don’t forget to include your name on it. You need to pray for yourself as well.

Start with just one name for each day. As you get used to this then start jotting other names down that come to mind. I show you HERE how I rotate praying for my family. Notice the weekends are blank because I use them as my pray for others days: world, community, church…

Come back in March for next months prayer calendar!

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