Simplifying Christmas Gatherings Series: Day 2- Appetizer Recipes

Food Table at Seafair Party
Image by camknows via Flickr

Are you one of those people who stands by the appetizer table and munches all night long?  Hmmm, maybe I have done that a few times.

Tip: When setting out food try to make the food accessible from both sides of the table.  If you are like me, and stand by the food table make sure that you’re not eating straight off the serving platter.  Just grab your own plate and keep adding to it as needed.  Okay, I promise no more motherly advice.  Now for the crowd pleasing recipes:

Bacon Rollups Isn’t it a rule of thumb that all appetizers must have at least bacon or cheese in them?



Roasted Red Pepper Hummus





Mini Empanadas






Herbed Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry Barbecue Sauce







Sundried Tomato and Bacon Cheese Ball

What is your favorite crowd pleasing recipe?

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