Nautical or Pirate Boys Room On a Budget

This nautical/pirate room was made with love and on a budget.  My husband, the kids, myself and my mother in law all worked hard to make this room “Ahoy Matey, perfect.” Mosty  everything was hand made: the curtains, the bed(yes, the bed), the bedspreads, some of the decor and well the dresser wasn’t handmade but we refinished it.

We have all three of our boys in the room so I needed to find a theme that would work with all of them.  I decided that a touch of pirate to their nautical room would be perfect for our 8, 5 and almost 2 year old.

Let’s start with the Triple bed made from a traditional bunk bed:

The bed is my hard working mans project! He turned a traditional bunk bed into a triple bed, yes, he is fabulous like that. The bedspreads have a little story to them. When we decided to move to be missionaries in Ecuador we had not visited prior to arriving.  I packed all sorts of things because I had no idea if we were going into a third world country or what.  We couldn’t pack our boys comforters b/c they were so thick so I bought tons of jean fabric.  Jean is a neutral fabric for boys and I could make it work with lots of themes so we went with that.  I bought  at least 8 yards of this jean material that was on sale and shipped it.  It was a good thing because the cheap Walmart bedspread here in Ecuador cost us $50 on up.  I made one of comforter years ago using some other print fabric to go with the jean fabric and just never got around to making the second bedspread.  My mother in law visited us early this year and she loves to sew and she wanted some projects, so she helped me make the curtains and the other comforter!

The chest of drawers:

We bought this old dresser from some missionaries that were leaving. The dresser was pretty beaten up as you can tell and the drawers would hang down from the back.   It was a perfect summer project for my men! Our boys love being daddy’s little helpers. I would call them inside from time to time and they would run inside exasperated “mommy were going to miss what daddy is doing.”

I bought this paddle and I added hooks to the bottom to turn it into a place for their jackets.

I found these sharks at Target in the $1 section and they go great with our Pirate/Nautical theme!

Book ends- I painted the bookends and hot glued the pirate figures on it.

Last week, I shared our action packer turned toy storage and creative ship and it’s also in the Simple Summer Issue:

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