Valentine’s Day Dating Ideas, Activities & Traditions

14 days of dating our husbands

14 Days of Busy Mamas Dating their Husbands was created to inspire us tired and busy moms to spend one on one time with our man.  Once again our wonderful Kid Blogger Moms have joined forces to bring you this 14 days of ideas and fun for you home but this time not for the kiddos but for your man!

Our lovely bloggers are: Kids Activities Blog, My Nearest And Dearest, Pleasantest Thing, Play Dr Mom, Glittering Muffins, Inspired By Family Mag, Mama Miss, Life At The Zoo, Toddling Into Madness, Sense of Wonder, Educators’ Spin on It, Little Artists, Home Learning Journey, Frogs And Snails and Puppy dog Tails, Pragmatic Mom, The Good Long Road, Mamas Like Me, Kids Stuff World , Toddler Approved and Adventures in Mommydom

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I want my children not only to see that I make time for them but that I make time for their daddy. There is no doubt in their mind that I love their daddy but my hopes is to be an example of a positive marriage in the midst of the busy times, hard times, fun times and just life.

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The Challenge:

I want to add a challenge for you lovely moms: Don’t wait for him to do the planning (I know it’s lovely to be wooed but sometimes it just doesn’t happen) so why don’t you get it started and set-up. If weekly dates is too much for you, I totally get that. In our house we do twice a month and it’s perfect for us and we take turns planning the dates. My husband loves spending one on one time with me but in the midst of his job he forgets about planning something for us. So this is how we do it: pick a day in advance and I send him reminders as we draw close to our date. To be honest there are 2 months out of the year that I know for sure it most likely won’t happen but we still plan on it.

If that’s still too much for your busy schedule I challenge you to start a once a month date night in or out. Pick one of these ideas from our wonderful mom bloggers or research your own and get started.  Get your calendar out and plan it now! You don’t have to have every detail in place but go ahead and pick a day and let your husband know and send him a reminder as you draw near to your date night.

14 Days of Busy Mamas Dating Their Husbands

Jan 27th Rachel from Kids Activities Blog shared  85 Ways to Show You Love Him

Jan 28th Ann from My Nearest and Dearest shared Adding Romance to a Movie Night

– & Carolyn from The Pleasantest Thing shared Simple Date Night Ideas

Jan 29th Laura from Play Dr. Mom shared Lunch Date

– & Val from Glittering Muffins shared Date Night when there is no sitter

Jan 30th Mari from Inspired by Family shared My Dating (my husband) Journey: Shattered Expectations….

Jan 31st Melissa from Mama Miss shared Fun Date Night Idea & printable (hint “I’m armed”)

Feb 1st from Maggy from Life at the Zoo shared Date Nights do make me cring a little….

& Ticia from Adventures In Mommydom shared Treasure Hunt Date Night

Feb 2nd  from Cerys from Toddling Into Madness shared A Perfect Valentines at Home Menu

Feb 3rd from Kristin from Sense of Wonder shared Dating my Husband

Feb 4th from Kim The Educators’ Spin On It shared 25 Ways to Say I Love You and a new tradition started

& Varya from Little Artist shared How to Date Your Husband with Your Kids Along

Feb 5th from Mia from Pragmatic Mom shared Date with an English flair “Downtown Abbey” Style

Feb 6th from Kendall from Home Learning Journey shared “Recreate Your First Date” idea

Feb 7th from Jaime Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails shared Simple Date Night Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Feb 8th from Jen from The Good Long Road will share “Creative Date Night: Round the World in 80 Days Better Make That 8 Days

& Tina from Mamas Like Me shared 100 Dates to Date Your Spouse

Feb 9th from Stacy Kids Stuff World shared Love From Afar: Dating Your Spouse

& Kristina from Toddler Approved

I will update you with the links to each post as they go up. Each day our bloggers will add their post to the linky below so that you can keep up with them and YOU CAN ALSO LINK UP!

Share your date ideas below we want to stop by and read them. The linky will go up on January 27th.

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