DIY Traveling Puppet Theater Curtain {Encouraging Imaginative Play}

diy puppet show theatre

Enter the world of imaginative play with this easy to set up DIY Traveling Puppet Show Kit.  It’s a fabric No-Sew curtain, it can’t get any better.   I love how my little guys bottom is sticking out of that picture above. You can tag it along anywhere and since you just hang it up from each corner you can hang it on door entries or outside between trees.

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What I love about these imaginative play ideas is that it encourages creativity in our kids.  The minute my son slipped the puppet into his hands he was whirled away into LaLa Land, speaking in a different tone of voice and accent.  The great thing about this is even if they can’t get into character you can encourage them to reenact their favorite children’s story.

I have been wanting to make this for at least 3 months now but just couldn’t make myself pull out the sewing machine. When my kids received a last minute invite to a birthday party, I immediately knew what we could make their little friend.  My son loved the puppet I made to go with it and he wanted to keep the theatre curtain for himself. I did let him keep the puppet but not the curtain. He loved his little puppet friend so much he even slept with him. I can’t remember what we named his little creature but it’s quite funny.

Just pull it out when they are bored, for family night or for a fun party game! It’s so versatile and you can travel with it.

DIY Traveling Puppet Show Kit

  • What you will need:
  • ribbon
  • craft glue (good kind) I use liquid silicone glue
  • dowel or skewers
  • duck tape
  • 2 yellow felt

1. Measure the size of your door and add 1 inch to each side for the hem.

2. Cut and then glue all four sides.

3. Figure out how wide you want your “show curtains” to be and then draw a square using the masking tape and cut out.


4. Cut out and using duct tape to position your dowels in place as shown above. Just place duct tape on one side and then fold them down over the dowels. I only used 2 dowels one on top and one on the bottom so that I could fold it up easily. You actually don’t need dowels but I felt like it gave it more stand up resistance.

5. Take your felt pieces and cut them to fit over the curtain window. Glue them on at the top and let them hang as shown below.  I sewed on a piece of ribbon on the sides of the curtain window to hold up the curtain.

diy puppet show theater

6. Grab your ribbons and place them at each corner at the top (as shown above) so you can hang it up anywhere. I hand-sewed these on but warning make sure you have a good stitch on them otherwise they will come off.

DIY Puppet show theatre

You’re done!  Ours was a gift so we made a Puppet Show Theatre Kit and added a puppet.

diy puppet theatre

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    • Melissa, Thanks so glad you liked it. I didn’t use a curtain rod mostly because I wanted to be able to take it anywhere and not have to worry about parts. I sewed a piece of ribbon to the top corner so you can use a thumb tack or nail. I added a picture above at #6 for others to see. A tension rod would work as well and if you had good crafting glue you wouldn’t need to sew the top to slide the rod through you could just glue it.

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