DIY Play Tent Fort {no-sew}

I must admit I enjoyed our little fort as much as the kids. This play tent is super easy to make, to store and to put up inside the house or outside.

DIY Play tent fort

Around Fall last year, I started a little activity with our boys when they got home from school.  I really want to start this up again now that the weather is nice. Our Falls can be pretty chilly because of the rain so some days I would just put this up inside our living room and hang it from the ceiling.

We would have a special hang out time!  They walked in the door and they would meet me in our fort! We called it our “Imagine it” time that started when we read a bedtime story, “The Mulberry Bush” and my boys wanted to take turns imagining they were somewhere else.

When they got home from school, I would take some time out from preparing dinner and go enjoy my kids before “crazy hour” hits. Our “crazy hour” is what I like to call the time between 4:30-6 when I am trying to make dinner, toddler is waking up wanting to be held, the other boys are wanting a snack or dinner, dog is needing to go out to potty….  Now you know why it’s called “crazy hour,”

We started having storytelling time in our fort and inside a bag were lots of various and random items. They would pick an item out and make a story from it. Other times, we combined our stories so each of us would pick an item and make one story that usually ended up being pretty wacky.

storytelling time

As you can tell we have some pretty interesting items we have a diaper, car, dinosaur, star instrument, sunglasses and golf ball.

What you need for this simple No-Sew DIY Play Tent or better known as a fort in my house is:

  • hula hoop
  • fabric
  • straight pins
  • string

For the fringe we used crepe paper cut into strips

diy play tent fort

1. Take the fabric and start pinning it around the hula hoop. Once it has made it all around the hoop attach string to the hoop so you can hang it from a tree or ceiling.

diy play tent

Here we are enjoying it inside. I love the face my son is making so excited about the silly story I am sharing.

diy play tent fort

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