Nature Walk Craft: Pine Cone Pets

It’s that time of the year, for nature hikes and camping! So after your Thanksgiving feast go on a walk and have the little ones pick up pinecones for a craft when they get back home.  It’s really easy to make and they turned out so adorable. I teamed up with some other fabulous bloggers from our little group called All Things Kids–to bring you some fun Thanksgiving Ideas & Crafts.


A nature walk that involves collecting things is my sons favorite thing to do. Though I do have to sift through some of his collection because he also likes to collect trash: cigarette buds, popscicle sticks, used napkins…..

Please someone else tell me you totally know what I mean (it will make me feel better :)).

I managed to distract him as I sifted through his collection, with the promise of a craft. Seriously, he cries when I throw out his trash treasures. So guess what we made?  His name is Cheddar, my son’s pet!


We decided to make some pine cone pets.  He has a handful of pine cones so we started with an easy one, the good old wise owl. Check out this other cute owl we made using an acorn and sticks here.

While he crafted he kept asking me “Does it go here?” I just replied with, “Where ever you want it to go.” Secretly hoping it wasn’t one eye on his forehead and the other on his butt.  I am all about letting them be creative but an eye on his butt is too much, lol.  Seriously, he did great makingn this all on his own. I cut out the circles and ovals and he glued away.
He decided to name his pet owl, Cheddar! He is going to make a star appearance at show and tell this week. Aiden insisted that he needs a microphone to do all of his “WHOOOOO, WHOOOO!”

Isn’t he absolutely adorable?  Images and instructions to the cute pets featured above can be found at these awesome creative spaces: Dinosaur and Dog Pine Cone, Hedgehog and Squirrels.

Nature Walk Craft: Pine Cone Pets

How to make your own Pine Cone pet:


  •  pine cone
  • felt or construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • glue

Cut out oval shapes from brown felt for the wings.

Cut out oval shapes from white felt for the eyes

Cut out a triangle from orange felt for the nose.

We put Cheddar in a box for my son to have as a pet. Best pet ever!  We’ve had him for years now.

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