Easy No Sew Ruffled Pillows

One of the ways I love to update my home on a dime is, by changing up my pillows.

Sometimes they are moved around  from the living room to my bedroom or to another room. Other times, I have bought a little over a yard of fabric and totally redo them.  This time I just embellished some plain pillows I already had, with ruffled trim.  My husband gets a kick out of this, shortly after we were married he discovered I liked to change things around the house, ALL the time.  So everyday when he got home from work he would try to guess what I moved around, it became a joke around our house.

Aren’t you glad Tangerine Orange is the Pantone color of the year?  I love it because I am alway trying to find ways to decorate with it.  I took this plain but vibrant Tangerine Tango pillow and the Ivory pillow and made them “purrty.”  Plain pillows are usually a lot cheaper to buy then ones with design or embellishments.  So, I am going to show you how you can make your own embellishments on your pillows for cheap. And as always I try to do everything without having to whip out the sewing machine.  Though, for the ruffled cream pillow, I did have to do a little bit of stitching.

You will need: plain pillows, ruffled trim, craft glue

In 20 min, you will go from plain to pretty!

Tangerine Orange PIllow Embellishments

Ruffled Rows Pillow:

Measure your ruffle trim against the pillow and cut 4 rows of trim all the same size.   Then start gluing each row.

Ruffled Circles Pillow:

Figure out how big you want your circles to be and then cut 12 circles all the same size.  Glue them

Note: If you use ruffled trim that is chiffon or any translucent fabric your glue will go right thru it and it will quickly make a big mess.  I already made that sticky, gooey mistake, that is why I am warning you, your welcome.  Also, depending on the color trim you use the white residue from the glue will show up (if your still using chiffon or translucent fabric).

For this pretty little thing, I pulled out the sewing machine. I cut a strip of fabric the length of the pillow and 5 inches wide.  I sewed up each side and began gathering and sewing in the middle to create the ruffled look.  I hand stitched each end and a couple of stitches in the middle to hold it in  place. I finished it off by placing a thin piece of cream ribbon over the middle!

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