Peacock Inspiration and Feather Canvas Art

I have always admired the beautiful vibrant colors of the peacock. It is one of natures brilliantly adorned birds.  I am not surprise why they have been around in home decor and fashion accessories for centuries.  Here are some inspiring decorative imitations using both abstract and real and I am revealing my Peacock Forest Painting:

 At some point over the holidays I found some feathers for $1 each at the market and was lured into buying them.  Though I couldn’t capture the irridescent beauty of the feathers on canvas with paint it didn’t stop me from putting them on a canvas.   I have been experiencing with all kinds of mediums in my art work so why not peacock feathers! 

Painting trees, is one of my favorite things to do, one day I will get around to showing you my artwork.  So, I mixed my love for nature, painting, peacock feathers and trees and put it on a canvas! This is my abstract  yet literal use of the peacock feathers, I call it Peacock Forest!

DIY Peacock Feather Art:  you just need feathers,canvas, glue and some paint for the background. 

 Do you love it? I wanted the background on the painting to remain white because I am working on lighting up my living room. I was tempted to go with a brown/orange background. 

Now, this is decorating with Panache! I love to walk into a house that speaks to me.

Personally, I am not a wreath kind of girl but I can do Christmas wreaths and this one is, too sexy for it’s door!

Peacock Inspiration board via The Little Goat

Pillows via Global Views

Wreath via Tug Wilson

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  1. I absolutely love the brown sofa with the peacock themed pillows. Where can I purchase this sofa? The gold/ bronze legs are awesome!