She Speaks

Contributing Artist: Kathleen Ang-Dalseno

James eloquently tells us that our tongue, though a small part of our body, is a powerful device. One encouraging word can inspire a person for life; one disparaging word can begin a chain of destruction.

Jesus says that it is from the abundance of our hearts that we speak and act. (Luke 6:45) Therefore, it is important to guard our hearts and regularly check if it is filled with the love of God.
This is a real challenge, because our days are filled with various activities and interactions, at work, with our children and our friends or spouse and no matter how sweet and loving we are there will be frustrating moments, things which happen in life that are out of your control, things you wish to do but your flesh is too weak to do it. We have to be careful to check the level of love and generosity in our heart. For it is when we lack abundance, certain words may come out that we wish we had not spoken.
But when a woman speaks wisely and gives faithful instruction, her presence is treasured. Her encouraging words build people up and breathe life. Her wisdom is honored. Her words of discipline keep us on the right course.
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Inspired by Family Magazine

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