Simple Birthday Celebrations and Traditions

I like “Big Parties” and I can not lie!

I realize that some kids are introverted, and the thought of being the center of attention, and having lots of kids around them is not in any shape or form considered fun. Also, add to that the cost and time in throwing a party, it can get expensive.

My mother always found ways to make us feel special without having to throw a party.  She wasn’t a baker but on our birthdays she would whip out her Betty Crocker apron and make us our very own cake.  One of our birthday traditions, is my whole family wakes up really early in the morning and they gather around our bed and sing a traditional Mexican song “Las mañanitas.”  To this day they still call me early in the morning to sing happy birthday.

Come up with a tradition that you can do each year.  With our kids, we have a Birthday Pancake Cake to honor the birthday boy in the morning! You can even have the Birthday Pancakes Cake for dinner if your mornings are crazy.

You can use these suggestion in lieu of a party or to start a new birthday tradition, enjoy!

1. Birthday Badge

  I think everyone no matter what age should wear a birthday badge. No one should go through a whole day without getting wished happy birthday. And if it didn’t look silly for 32 year old to have one on, I would gift one to every friend of mine.  Domestic Fashionista shows you how to make this cute badge.

2. Birthday Dinner

Have a special dinner in or out, and have your child invite 2 friends.

3. Birthday shirt

This little tradition obviously has an age limit, since I can’t imagine a 16 year old with a huge 1-6 applique on their shirt. If you do have little ones this is adorable! Repeat Crafter shows you how to make this simple tradition.

4. Birthday Balloons

 Fill their room with balloons. I have seen it done with helium balloons and at the end of the string there are sweet notes written to the child or adult. Or as pictured above from Just Between Friends.

5. Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Inside balloons place clues and then have the child pop the balloon to find their gift.

6. Birthday Movie Celebration

Have a planned date and on their birthday, go watch the movie of their choice. This is great for any age, so when they are 18 or 30 years old, they know they have a set date with you. You can also have an Movie Celebration at home.

7. Birthday Cupcakes with a Message

Place a happy birthday message in their cupcake.

Like a fortune cookie, first, you break it in half to get the message out. Make sure your child knows not to bite into them.

This list was inspired by 10 Ways to Celebrate a Birthday Without a Party

It’s not a mistake that I stopped at #7. Random, I know,  but that’s all I had to share.

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