Establishing Your Home

What parent doesn’t want to provide the best for their children, for our spouse? We want to build a home that is safe, strong and beautiful but this verse reminds me of some foundational things that I should also add to my desires for my family and home.  I am reminded to establish my home on: Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge.   

Lectures, advice and whatever nuggets of wisdom we spout off to our children  our spouse are meaningless if we don’t try to understand them first, if they don’t know that we care.

Establish your home on understanding!

Contributing Artist: Kathleen Ang-Dalseno is the creator of the scripture art, she shares her thoughts below!

I always grew up being fascinated by the account of how Solomon asked for wisdom when God said He would give him whatever he asked for. (1 Kings 3:5)
When I was a child, the extent of my understanding of this passage and the word “wisdom”, was limited. I thought it would have been smarter to ask for a thousand more wishes that he could make through the time of his reign. However, I also thought it wasn’t so bad that Solomon asked for wisdom, since it means you would understand everything around you. He chose wisdom over power, riches and long life. And God was pleased with his request. During Solomon’s reign, with much wisdom came power, riches, respect, honor and most importantly, peace.
In building our family, it is so important to lay a foundation of wisdom. With wisdom comes understanding and knowledge. And knowledge is compared as having precious and pleasant riches. It doesn’t matter if we are materially rich or poor, that is simply a season we go through which might change in time. However, with wisdom, we will always be rich!

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