Creative Love Note Ideas #2: Shakespeare, Hearts and Toothpaste

creative love note ideas 2

Let’s take these creative love note ideas to the bathroom! I just discovered dry erase crayons and I have been having so much fun with them! Remember I am also doing a kid version of this series: creative valentine kid activities . Stop by and see how we use our foam hearts in the tub for the kids.  If you missed our first project on Creative Love Note Ideas you have to see these adorable mini notes.

I have an embarrassing story to share about our creative love notes in the bathroom. One year my roomie from college and her hubby came down to visit us and they stayed the night.  I had forgotten that me and the hubby had been exchanging some rather embarrassing notes on the bathroom wall (using dry erase markers). So I told them to go and enjoy a relaxing bath in our ginormous bathroom with a jetted tub instead of using the guest bathroom.  After their bath they joined us and not once did they mention anything. The next day when I went to take a shower I noticed that they joined in the conversation and had added some of their own remarks to our messages. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing and was slightly embarrassed. Thanks goodness it wasn’t my parents. Below are simple and quick ways to tell your spouse you love them!

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Okay so were you one of those highschoolers who left lipstick kisses on bathroom mirrors?  Well, let’s take that idea but make it a bit  more classy now that we are older and more mature, he, he, he.

creative love note ideas

Quote Shakespeare on the mirror. The quote above says,

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” ~Shakespeare “Hamlet

conversation hearts idea

Make foam conversation hearts that you can put on the shower wall. Just use foam sheets, cut them out into hearts and with a Sharpie add your note.

creative love note ideas

You Make Me Smile! This is super cheezy but hey if you’re going to be cheezy Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do it.

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